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Different Types of Contract Cleaning


Everyone knows the difference between domestic and office cleaning – but do you know that commercial cleaning is something different?

Whilst you may think that cleaning is simply cleaning, it is important to understand what specific types of cleaning are available from a cleaning company Stockport when evaluating your business cleaning needs.

Typically there are three main types of cleaning with the first two being easily separated into domestic and office cleaning Manchester. The third type – commercial cleaning Manchester – is where the line blurs from the office environment side.

Commercial Cleaning Explained

Commercial cleaning is an all-encompassing term for cleaning any kind of business premises from retail to retirement homes.

The difference is that, unlike an office environment, commercial cleaning is more versatile and can involve a lot of specialist equipment and services, such as floor buffering and industrial cleaning requirements. As you can imagine, places of work can vary – factories, hospitals, nightclubs – so they each need a different level of speciality cleaning to go with it. This includes specialist knowledge and training for many different types of environments.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is among the most popular commercial cleaning services because every business has an office interior somewhere on site.

Whilst it may seem like a pretty basic routine task to keep the office in order, it takes a lot to keep it maintained to a healthy and hygienic standard every day. From delicate electronics, daily utilized kitchen spaces, toilets, staircases and different surfaces all-around – an office is the one space where constant activity and a multitude of visitors pass through every day. This creates an environment that requires the very best in cleanliness.

Foot traffic alone will create havoc with your office carpet that requires industrial vacuums to keep them fresh and looking welcoming. A cleaning contractor will help bring them back to life by keeping the look of them refreshed and smelling great.

Scheduling Work

The biggest drawback about having someone in the office take care of the cleaning is that it disrupts workload. However, the best thing about hiring a cleaning company Stockport is that you can set the schedule of when the office requires cleaning, meaning it can be done after hours or over weekends when the business is not open. It also means you are saving money on your bottom line by not disrupting working hours or hiring an employee specifically for the task.

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Boosting Your Environmental Credentials with Cleaners

Apart from any moral obligation to preserve the planet for the future, more and more consumers are deciding to buy products made by environmentally-friendly companies in a bid to be as eco-friendly as possible.

This has resulted in many business owners favouring business partners with companies that enhance their green credentials rather than detract from them. It is a major shift in control of the current climate to use as many eco-friendly avenues as possible, and that also includes hiring environmentally friendly cleaning companies to ensure your business meets the criteria.

The Incentive to Being Greener

There are many reasons why choosing an environmentally conscious commercial cleaning Manchester service is the smartest move for the future of your business. This can be summed up by how your company is perceived, how it is cared for and the satisfaction it gives clients, partners and employees.

The days of burning away fossil fuels and carbon emissions within a business during day to day operations now raise an eyebrow, but even more so in how the business is cared for and cleaned using products that are suitable for a greener environment.

Boosting Credentials

The biggest benefit to your factory or warehouse is that your environmental credentials can be boosted by using an outsourced cleaning company Stockport, as they use chemicals and equipment that are approved for use.

The rub from using these types of cleaning services is that your corporate image can lay further claim to care for the environment by only having this level of eco-friendliness in its everyday cleaning – ensuring waste is properly disposed of in the process.

Not only that but by working with this type of specialist in office cleaning Manchester, you can reduce your corporate carbon footprint and benefit the environment.

Less Toxic

An outsourced cleaning agent will be equipped with several specialist cleaning products that are environmentally approved for use.

This ensures that all work surfaces are not contaminated with potentially toxic chemicals and carpets will be cleaned with chemicals that do no harm or release any toxic vapours into the air. By keeping your workplace fully sanitised to an ultra-safe degree, you will also greatly reduce any employee sick days from germ infestation.

Occupant Satisfaction

Your employees are the hardest people to satisfy, and many of them will have independently made eco-friendly decisions within their own lives. When they see their employer making equally constructive decisions with how they operate, they feel more assured about where they are working.

Added to that, other businesses will feel at ease with your companies image by bolstering an eco-friendly and clean image, making them feel more assured that your business is one to work alongside.

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Cleaning Around the Christmas Party

Deck the halls and strike up the party tunes because Christmas party time is about to commence. Whilst everyone has an air of excitement around the upcoming office festivities, cleaning up the office is an essential task before and after the music has stopped. What things are of vital importance that you would require a Christmas clean up to focus on before the party starts and after it is all over?

Before the Festivities Commence

Before the party is underway you will need to have a few areas given extra levels of attention. First, up will be an extra level of washroom cleaning to be fully sanitized and well stocked with cleaning supplies. You want to also ensure that they remain odour-free.

Nothing puts a dampener on your festivities like a foul smell from your bathrooms. Another thing you want to have a deeper clean is your worktops, counters and other surfaces around your office. This includes a good declutter before everyone starts getting a bit tipsy, reducing your office accidents for employees and any guests.

The floor is going to need extra levels of vacuuming and swabbing to keep it clean over the party period, also reducing the amount of dust in the air whilst eliminating the number of bacteria and germs circulating the area. No one wants to get ill at your party, so having a specialist in office cleaning Manchester takes you to the highest quality hygiene standards available.

Most importantly, all of your bins need to be thoroughly emptied – trust us, they will fill up quite quickly during the office shenanigans.

After the Party Ends

The following morning of your party is even more important to get a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester involved.

Everything will need attention from a thorough cleaning of your countertops, washbasins and urinals within the washroom to eliminate all the germs built up overnight and make toilets safe to use, all the way to cleaning refrigerators, dishes, sinks and other items used when serving food and drinks.

Your bins will be filled up with everything from bottles to plates to napkins and leftover food by this point, and they are not things you want to stink out your office for days. All of your rubbish will need putting into the correct bins for the post-party bin collection – which you don’t want to miss.

All of those strewn around decorations will need putting away or disposing of. If you plan on using them again then you should ideally take them down at the end of the party so they don’t get thrown out. Your carpets and floors will have everything from footprints to spilt drinks and food mashed into the fabric, so this is where a deep clean is going to come in handy. No one wants foods rotting into the carpet and ruining it, creating a foul odour as the weeks go on.

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Why Retail Businesses Need Professional Cleaners

Retail stores have always required a certain amount of cleanliness on their floors even before the pandemic of 2020. Every store has a small clean up from either a staff member or janitor service to give a quick once over. With many people still choosing to wear masks and be conscious after vaccinations have been rolled out, the retail market sees a difference in their customers between the safety conscious and those that choose to forego added safety. Ensuring you have the right retail store cleaning services is extremely important!

Demand is High

Business owners today are required to keep their business premises at a higher level of sanitization, with employees retrained to meet all safety protocols.

Over the last year, demand for a cleaning company Stockport has risen in an effort for retail businesses to meet the strict requirements post-covid. As trained specialists in all aspects of cleaning business premises, the only way to effectively ensure all of your business meets the criteria of acceptance is by having these professionals undertake the job.

Before and After Hours

Having a commercial cleaner clean your sales floor either before your store opens or after it closes is the best way to keep your staff more focused on their customer service and stay productive.

As staff members will only be required to clean up immediate spills from dropped products or threatening wet puddles which a customer can slip on, your professionals can work on more deep cleaning of floors and units, sanitizing tills and service areas as well as washroom cleaning – whether they are public or simply staff facilities.

These areas are the most time-consuming and require specialist cleaning chemicals to effectively clean – chemicals which only specialist cleaners will carry to remove germs, bacteria and grime.

Specially Equipped

Most retail businesses are not equipped to handle more advanced messes in the workplace. With a commercial cleaning service, the tools are part of the trade to handle steam carpet cleaning, proper sanitization disposal and window washing to make your business sparkling.

Disinfectants used by professional cleaners may require special use which cannot be used by the regular employees, but the results of their use will boost employee morale as they will have a safe and clean environment to work within.

Commercial cleaning Manchester is an essential part of being successful in the retail industry, making your staff and customers feel more relaxed about being within your environment. For retail store cleaning services to keep your business in the best condition it can and provide a ‘shop in safety’ image, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Places You May Overlook to Clean in Your Office

If you want a true horror story for Halloween, how about the fact that the average office worker’s hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria per day. Out of those 10 million, how many do you think will affect other workers in common areas of the workplace? If your office has a regular once over of cleaning surfaces, it is a safe bet that you will miss ridding the majority of these germs, which can manifest in colds and flu viruses in due course, which isn’t great for workplace hygiene.

Following on from the Covid-19 virus, common touchpoints in the office must be given a higher degree of sanitizing and proper chemical cleaning to ensure the heavy traffic use in the day does not lead to heavier losses of workers due to illness.

Evaluating your Routine

Over the 2020s so far, we all have learned more about heightened cleanliness than we ever thought possible. Even with taking the steps to ensure we are kept safe, it is still easy to overlook some areas in our current cleaning schedule that need even more attention.

Now – with the cold and flu season upon us and variant threats still lurking in the wings – there are places in our offices that contain the hidden risks of germs and bacteria that more often than not get missed. These fall into various devices of shared use in the office such as printers and photocopiers which should be wiped down daily, including all buttons and trays within them.

Also within this area is the office water cooler which can be easily forgotten about whether it is in the office, hallway or kitchen. If you have an office coffee maker or kettle, this will need extensive cleaning also as they will be used by everyone, including all the refilling trays and utensils.

Parts Forgotten But Essential

When you think about every area that could come in contact with the human hand, there will be some that will naturally slip your mind because they are so obvious.

All door handles – not just the bathroom ones – including ones with thumb or fingerprint scanners need the maximum amount of cleanliness. It is not just your staff who use these handles, as you will have visitors and delivery people using them also which makes for a lot of traffic.

Your company conference rooms also need extra levels of cleanliness, and not just in the appearance of carpets and curtains/blinds. All chairs, tables, conferencing equipment, phones and keyboards need extra levels of care, including your remote control for presentations. All these small areas contain more germs than everywhere else.

All windowsills in the office and window handles now need extra cleaning as they will be opened and closed on multiple occasions, and those office fans will need a thorough clean also.


These areas will be forgotten by a regular office cleaner, which makes it important that your business employs a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester. Not only do they handle carpets, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport, but they make sure to get all of the areas that would be typically overlooked.

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Commercial Washroom Care

The biggest turnoff a client, customer or potential business partner can have is experiencing the disgust of a business premises washroom that is not cleaned daily. This is the main reason businesses want to find out how to clean a washroom efficiently, to help them set a good impression.

Of all the areas within your business, the washroom is the one that requires the most attention and the deepest of everyday cleaning. The negative impact of how your business is perceived is one thing, but the many different breeding germs that circle around the area will soon provide illness and manifestation around the building.

Whilst commercial washrooms take a huge chunk out of every day to thoroughly clean to the right standard, you can make the process easier.

Judge the Volume of Use

Depending on the size of your business, you can estimate the number of people using the facilities against how often it needs cleaning.

If you run an office environment with around 35 to 40 staff members then it will require less cleaning than a premises that is open to public use such as a shopping complex like ASDA or Tesco. You also need to look at the dimensions of the room in question which also plays a hand in how often it will require a clean.

Washrooms with very high levels of footfall throughout a regular day can require cleaning every 30 minutes or so. When it comes to office environments, it can be as little as once at the end of each business day.

Correct Chemical Use

When ensuring the washroom is cleaned to the proper standards you will need to know your chemical products are fit for the task.

It may sound silly but every washroom has its own distinctive requirements and you will need to have a focus on products that are formulated specifically for washroom cleaning. These chemicals will have been specially mixed to clean areas such as washrooms and tested to make certain they are fit for the environment in question, utilising antibacterial ingredients to fight stubborn germs and ensure a hygienic environment.

Air Products

The worst part of an unkempt washroom is the smell that fills the air which can spread throughout the entire building.

The smell alone tells anybody on the premises exactly why they don’t want to visit your washroom; and maybe not work with you at all. Whilst the cleaning chemicals can help to eradicate the odours; investing in some combatting air care products will fully prevent them from becoming a nuisance.

Some extra air fresheners in the washroom will make all the difference.

Outsourced Cleaners

As a fully functioning business, it is hard to pull an employee aside to undertake the cleaning and harder to employ someone full time just to do the job. Many businesses turn to experts in commercial cleaning in Manchester in order to handle this area on a daily basis, saving on employee unhappiness and those extra staff costs throughout the year.

For more information on employing a cleaning company in Stockport who knows how to clean a washroom efficiently, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services.

How Crucial is Commercial Cleaning?

Being a new business owner has more than its fair share of items creeping up the priority list when they launch their brand, and chances are commercial cleaning is not among the top ten in the list on any given day but utilising commercial cleaning services in Manchester can greatly improve your business premises.

It’s a good bet that when you go to sleep at night the thought of how your carpets stay lean and your meeting room stays fresh are not what you will be dreaming about.

Whilst your office cleaning in Manchester may not be the highest of thoughts on the ladder to success, it does play a major part in your company running successfully – meaning it cannot be overlooked.

The Look

In today’s business world the look is everything. If you are a blossoming business just graduating its infant year, then how it looks to new clients, investors and top scale employees will definitely play a huge part.

The old saying is obviously never to judge a book by its cover, but if that cover is stained, dusty or in a state of disrepair it’s fair to say you won’t want to pay the top price for it. Plus, if a company cannot look after itself how is it expected to look after a client’s account?

If your business ideals are for a dynamic service then it has to reflect that in its appearance. The potential loss of partners, clients and employees is all down to how you care for your own business, so it is best to look serious, meticulous and organised.


If you want your staff to be productive then you have to give them the tools for the job; which includes a clean workspace.

Studies composed in the past have shown that those businesses that have higher levels of surface dust suffer lower levels of productivity from staff – this comes down to them not feeling satisfied or comfortable in the area they should. This spreads a feeling of the company not being invested in the staff which then spreads to an equal feeling of staff towards the company.

If you want the maximum effort you need to provide the maximum satisfaction for your employees. This means daily cleaned desks, sanitized kitchens and attentive care to staff toilet spaces and washroom cleaning. Having the ultimate in clean working spaces also promotes a cleaner mindset for employees who will clean up after themselves also.

Expert Help

Whilst you may have a family friend (or those instances where your mother would come in and clean) to do the cleaning of the office, this is not usually done to a full industry standard.

Having someone take time out of their work to quickly clean the tabletops with a spray bottle and rag is also not productive, potentially leaving more germs than were there previously. What is needed is a professional and that means bringing in experts in office cleaning in Manchester.

For all the benefits of having a commercial cleaning in Manchester for your business, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services.

Finding the Right Cleaning Company for Your Business

2021 is shaping up to make some headway in things returning to a sense of normality, with the Prime Minister unveiling plans to phase out lockdowns throughout the first half of the year, a business cleaning company may be just what you need to get the office ready for the return of your employees.

Whilst some home working will continue throughout the year, the drive to have employees returning to places of work looks stronger as vaccine rollout is taking effect. This means that office buildings, warehouses and factories will soon start to see more and more employees returning, which in turn means even more consideration taken to the cleanliness of the premises.

At this point you will need to assess if your current cleaning company is fit for the requirement, and if not how can you tell which cleaning company in Stockport is ideal and can deliver on the promises made.

Experience is Vital

One of the prime areas to consider when researching a cleaning company is how many years of experience they have under their belt.

Any company that deals in commercial cleaning in Manchester should have a healthy track record spanning years, with plenty of reputable references to back up their experience. It helps if the company has experience with businesses similar to yours, in industry and size. This way you can see first hand their cleaning procedures as well as witness a glowing testimonial that backs up your choice.

Whilst every business is different in requirements for cleaning, a cleaning company that works with many different types of the industry will have the right knowledge of your cleaning requirements.

Price and Staffing

You may think you have a bargain in a cleaner that is a lot cheaper than others in the marketplace but thinks about how that price reflects the service.

If you pay a company a fraction of the price of other well-respected cleaning companies, you have to think that the staff of that cleaning company are not making much, which as everyone knows, those who don’t make much don’t feel the need to work much.

You may tend to find that this kind of company does not have many good references or dedicated customers. This could indicate that you won’t be getting the cleanliness required for your business.


As you may expect, many cleaning companies specialise in certain types of cleaning.

Some may tend to washroom cleaning whilst others may not offer window cleaners in Stockport. Ideally, you will want a company that handles all of the areas in order to cut down on costs by hiring separate companies for separate tasks.

In bringing your staff back to work it should be time to provide them with the best overall cleanliness for their environment. If you look for an all in one professional cleaning company in Stockport, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for a business cleaning company you can rely on.

Why it is Important to Provide a Clean Workplace for Morale

Having a clean workplace is not just about fuelling your companies efficiency and productivity, it has a major role to play in the health of your employees both physically and mentally also.

Employees that suffer from cluttered desks, leftover food and a full wastepaper bin surrounding them are known to suffer from motivational and professional issues. If the company is not the one to act on these issues, then why would they feel they are driven to?

Cleanliness around workstations, washrooms and kitchens within the workplace provides employees with a greater sense of mental wellbeing and not having to show up in a cluttered and claustrophobic environment. A workplace cleaning company can handle all of your workplaces sanitary and cleanliness issues, which help boost the morale of your workers.


If it looks professional and it feels professional, then it generates a professional attitude from your workforce.

Many employees have differing attitudes towards work, but everyone likes to feel that they are valued, and providing a professional clean to their area to work in boosts their morale and makes them want to work harder, seeing it as an investment you have taken towards them. By having professional office cleaning Manchester take their safety into consideration with a deep clean, you will get more out of them for longer.


Now more than ever employee well-being is of top priority for business owners.

Providing a work environment where all issues regarding cleanliness are dealt with and all litter, dirt and drab atmosphere is eliminated gives employees more chance of not taking sick days and makes employees feel a part of the business. Take into consideration that some employees may have allergies that dust can play a huge part in making it worse, and others may need more access to sunlight to help against mental well-being.

Having your windows given attention by window cleaners in Stockport offer more overall productivity and drive from employees.


It is not only your employees you have to set the right impression by, but it is also your existing clients and any you look to bring into the fold.

Maintaining high standards when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness in both indoor and outdoor areas of your business proves that you are the company that not only cares about how it does business but also how it presents its business. It’s a known fact that companies that are blaise about their work rate don’t even consider their surroundings, but a company that prides itself on its work has a workplace that evokes care and consideration.

The mental and physical benefits of having a company specialising in commercial cleaning in Manchester caring for your business is of high consideration. As a glowing gift to your employee’s well-being and a shining sign to clients, morale will be as sparkling as your workstations with a workplace cleaning company.

Why Choose Commercial Cleaners?

First impressions are one thing, but what about a lasting impression as time moves forward? Professional commercial cleaning companies in the UK are keen to make sure your workspace is polished and hygienic.

The image that we provide for new clients and customers, as well as our employees, lasts way longer than the first meeting. We want people to sing our praises as the best company, but we don’t want someone adding “their offices look a bit shabby.” That is the kind of word of mouth that opens up the wrong kind of attention and it will spread just like the germs that your business is harbouring.

Building your business is all about the image, and to keep that image wholesome you should employ commercial cleaning in Manchester into your premises.

Health and Safety Requirements

As your business has plans to grow, the one thing you may not be considering is how your requirements for a clean workplace grow with it.

Bacteria and germs already have an adverse effect on your employee morale as nobody likes a dirty workplace, but the extra potential for staff illness from an unclean environment means you could be facing more sick days and less productivity. Having a cleaning company in Stockport in place to regularly clean every area of your business premises is about protecting your employees, such as those who suffer from conditions such as asthma.

Larger the Venue the Larger the Time You are Cleaning

If your premises is large then you may not have the time or resources on-site to effectively clean, and if you’re planning on growing out of a smaller more contained office to a larger one, then you may not be able to dedicate the time to clean it yourself.

The more space you have the more germs have room to harvest and not everyone has the knowledge and skill to effectively catch all of them. It is not just office desks and carpets that need attention as you need to think of windows also. Those sun rays need to break through to your office to keep everyone’s morale high, so having professional window cleaners in Stockport take all of these areas whilst you do the real work is a strategic move to business growth.

Cross-Site Cleaning

If you have branched out and have further offices or buildings, multiple contracts for cleaning can be tiresome and troublesome in keeping track of.

By employing just one cleaning company in Stockport you can have a feeling of safety in the knowledge that you are dealing with one cleaning partner for all of your businesses, meaning just one call needs to be made in all instances. By employing this kind of contract with a cleaner you are assured that consistency is always paramount in order to keep the relationship strong.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning companies in the UK, contact Absolutely Gleaming Services.