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Choose Professionals for Cleaner Work Environments

When your business is in a fast-paced professional atmosphere, maintaining a clean workspace is vital to the success of your brand. To ensure it stays clean, you require a professional cleaning company Stockport that is as strategic and thorough as you are.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we know the importance of selecting a cleaning service in line with your business values. To help you make an informed decision, we have a few steps you can take onboard when onboarding a cleaning partner.

Define the Needs

Start with the space you have and outline the specific requirements you need in cleaning. How many people use the space, how often will it require cleaning, and does it need any specialized cleaning requirements?

Clarifying your needs before meeting with a commercial cleaning Stockport company will help you decide if the partnership will work and if the demands of your business will be met.

Check Credentials

A proven track record is going to be the first essential requirement of any company you talk with. Any company that has low rates and no positive reputation may not have the valued experience necessary to keep your business boosted.

A professional cleaning company will have certifications, client testimonials, and a portfolio of successful projects that will reinforce the credibility of the cleaning agency.

Evaluate Their Services

Different businesses require different levels of cleaning services, so you need to line up what you need with what they offer. Most cleaning companies offer a comprehensive list of services including washroom cleaning and services as window cleaners in Stockport.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we provide tailored cleaning solutions for various industries with differing cleaning requirements, meaning we can match practically any commercial cleaning requirements.

Sustainability Practices

We operate in an environment with heightened consciousness around the environment, making sustainability a key consideration within your cleaning partnerships.

Evaluating the cleaning company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and green cleaning solutions will stop you from working with a partner that has yet to consider these areas.

Communication and Availability

Effective communication and flexibility in the schedule are vital in a successful partnership for your cleaning. It is something that keeps your relationship strong for the future.

Engaging openly about the communication channels, reporting structures, and any ability to adapt to whatever changing needs come along for your company will play a bigger role in finding the right office cleaning Stockport company.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for commercial cleaning partnerships that you can rely on.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Maintaining commercial kitchen cleaning within your workplace plays a very crucial role in the success of your business. Whether you operate a restaurant, cafe, catering business or a building with a canteen, employee health must be ensured through thorough cleaning at the highest level.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we provide the highest level of commercial cleaning Manchester for all areas – including kitchens that feed hundreds of employees daily.

An Important Element

A clean and sanitary kitchen is the beating heart of any commercial environment. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness keeps your employees safe and satisfied with their working environment.

It also plays a role in maintaining your reputation for professionalism and compliance with food hygiene regulations. When your kitchen is left to go dirty, bacteria will spread with other harmful pathogens that can result in foodborne illnesses and the onset of legal consequences.

Regular cleaning cycles and proper sanitation measures on food preparation surfaces, utensils, and equipment will prevent cross-contamination and harmful bacteria growth.

Effective Practices

You can create a safer environment for staff and customers with a few effective cleaning practices. Commercial kitchens are subject to extremely strict health and safety regulations for the highest hygiene standards.

Implementing a food safety management system is essential to your hygiene standards, including the disposal of foods from your refrigerator that go stale. All staff members should also adhere to health and safety measures and personal hygiene practices, including washing their hands and cleaning surfaces after spills.

Discarding food and wrapping it after use is critical to preventing bacteria growth. Ensure bins placed in your kitchens are emptied as part of your office cleaning Manchester contract.

Professional Cleaning

With a professional cleaning company Stockport, you have assurance that the common challenges that face a kitchen are handled with the highest level of care.

Commercial kitchens have a high volume of cooking with oils and fats, leading to grease build-up on surfaces and equipment. Grease can be stubborn to remove, and regular employees will not give it the attention it requires with a quick wipe. Accidental spills and stains are common but proper disinfecting and cleaning without damaging surfaces is the job of a cleaning company. Areas such as ventilation require professional cleaning to reduce the risk of fires and clear the airflow to the kitchen.

The kitchen also has many hard-to-reach areas in nooks and crannies that are tough to access, accumulating dirt, grime and bacteria that can affect your staff’s health if left to fester.

For professional cleaning of your commercial kitchen, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Cleaning Your Office Equipment

Office equipment cleaning is a crucial area of commercial cleaning Manchester that takes required care. Equipment and machinery around the office, including printers, photocopiers, telephones, and other electronic devices are an expensive part of the business.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, our team specializes in cleaning these items to ensure they stay in optimal working condition, whilst your place of work remains hygienic and productive.

Here are the best ways to keep your office equipment clean and the benefits associated with it.

Office Desks

A clean desk is essential in maintaining an organized work atmosphere. When we clean office desks, we remove all items, including papers, electronics, and office supplies. That allows for thorough cleaning and prevents such items from getting in the way of the process.

It helps to have a thorough declutter of your office desk before the cleaning commences, discarding items that are no longer needed. A microfiber cloth removes dust from drawers, corners, and areas around cables and wires. A mild cleaning spray gives the desk an additional polish, but using too much will cause excessive moisture to damage the material of your desk.

After this, items can be returned to your desk and present a look that promotes productivity and a positive work atmosphere.

Office Chairs 

Clean office chairs are vital for comfort during long working days and a crucial part of the office cleaning Manchester process. Our team vacuumed the upholstery to remove drums and dust before cleaning the material.

To keep your office chairs smelling fresh, use a spot-cleaning method with a mild detergent and damp cloth to remove stains. However, using too much liquid can cause watermarks and damage the fabric – especially if they require specialist cleaning products.


Cleaning a computer keyboard is a crucial part of maintaining hygiene and ensuring the lifespan of the equipment. Clean keyboards are proven to boost productivity in an office, allowing for smooth and efficient workflow.

All keyboards will be disconnected from any power sources before any cleaning starts, unplugging it from the port and removing batteries to avoid electrical damage. Any loose debris must be cleared to stop it from going beneath your keys and affecting the usefulness of the board. All keys are then cleaned and disinfected to remove stains and bacteria, and fully dried before plugging it back into use.

For more information about the cleaning services and techniques used by our cleaning company Stockport, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today, professionals in office cleaning, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport.

Professional Cleaning Provides Reassurance for Staff

Even though most businesses choose to have their commercial cleaning Manchester performed after their staff has gone home for the day, the assurance that paying for an office cleaning Manchester contractor provides for your staff is immeasurable.

Rewind a few years when the world was at its highest consciousness regarding viruses and colds. The fear of returning to occupied spaces has never left us, with many office workers very alert to other staff members having colds or allergies. Even a simple cough from an employee has people turning their heads in concern.

Today’s Consciousness

Today, employees place more emphasis on their working environments – and being more transparent with the cleanliness you provide will only help them be more productive.

There were days when staff would arrive at the office the next morning after the cleaning crew had pulled a night shift and had not any thought to how the office was cleaned. Sure, they may have noticed if the cleaner had done their job, but back then they would not have put too much concentration on the levels undertaken.

In independent research conducted following the COVID-19 period, a large percentage of employees in various office-based businesses stated that observing cleaners at work provided reassurance that safety measures were followed and that they felt a sense of security as a result.

Trust in Surroundings

Displaying a breakdown of the levels of cleanliness conducted in your office for all employees to see will help your employees trust their environment and feel they are most comfortable conducting their work.

Showcasing that the company has dedicated washroom cleaning and includes window cleaners in Stockport will highlight the level of care and consideration you have for employee well-being, providing germ and bacteria-free environments and access to clear sunlight whilst working indoors.

Everyone needs to work together to help a business thrive, and working with a professional, reputable, and qualified cleaning company Stockport will help to preserve your image and your business practice. The levels of reassurance that professional cleaning also gives to management are also valuable, allowing them to focus more on their duties and not having to address employee dissatisfaction with their environment – as well as having to deal with employee sick days.

Professional cleaning puts a lot of people’s minds at ease with reassurance that they are working in a clean and healthy environment. For professional office cleaning Manchester, contact the friendly team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for the best commercial cleaning in the Northwest.

The Germs You Don’t Know Live in Your Office

A multitude of germs live in every corner of your office space. We tend to be very familiar with our places of work, and as long as everything looks clean enough, we tend not to worry about what hidden bacteria fester under the surface.

Without a proper approach to office cleaning Manchester, many nasty bugs and bacteria could affect your staff and customers. What you can’t see can be more hazardous to your business than what is obvious. Here ias what may be lying in wait to affect your business.


You have undoubtedly heard of the winter vomiting bug, causing unpleasant stomach upset that can last a day or two in the smaller cases.

But you may not know how easily it passes around your office space. Any close contact or touching of various shared touchpoints like lightswitches and door handles can pass along the virus. Touchpoints and surfaces require professional levels of disinfecting with specialist chemicals to limit any contamination raging through your office.


The main causes of salmonella are raw meat, poultry, eggs, and unpasteurized milk. Humans can pass the bacteria around by hand and on any surface where food is prepared.

What is worse about this is that humans can be carriers without showing any signs or symptoms for up to a year. The bacteria from salmonella gives your staff food poisoning with all of the related unpleasantness that results in extended days off to recover. It needs professional chemical cleaning to disinfect the kitchen areas and ensure no risk of this poisoning affecting your workers.

E. Coli

E. coli can be relatively harmless but can also progress to stomach infections and food poisoning. Symptoms can frequently pass in a week – in rare cases, it can result in the illness becoming much more severe.

Also, Campylobacter is a common cause of food poisoning in the UK, resulting from contact with raw chicken. Most victims of this illness recover quickly, but it can also result in serious illness. Raw chicken should be banned from the office fridge to avoid this potential hazard.

Colds and Flu

Catching a cold is part of life. We all suffer with it throughout the year at least once. The bad thing is that no one can function when they have it, and it spreads to other people with just a cough or sneeze. The ‘office cold’ is a well-known feature of the working world.

Flu or influenza can lay people out for days or a week with aches, tiredness, coughs, and headaches – and it can  spread very easy through touch spaces.

Having a higher concentration on commercial cleaning Manchester with a cleaning company Stockport will help to reduce all of these illnesses that will affect your business. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleanming Services today for washroom cleaning and office cleaning Stockport.

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning

There are many benefits you gain as a business owner when you employ a commercial cleaning Manchester company to oversee your office cleanliness. While most of those benefits are front and centre for any business owner to see, the lesser-known benefits are of incredible value to your business but hardly get as much notice.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we thought we would showcase these hidden benefits to provide insight on why professional cleaning of your commercial property is a wise investment.

Calmer Environments for More Focus

It is a well-known fact that clutter around the office is a prime distraction for employees, leading to work-related stress.

One of the unexpected and lesser-known benefits of working with a professional cleaning company Stockport is the implementation of a calmer and more focused work environment that has decluttered every week. No more boxes and rubbish bags waiting around the office for bin day, and all trash emptied on a nightly basis means that your employees are greeted with space and calm to conduct their work.

Less Sick Days

When your office is professionally cleaned, fewer viral particles and bacteria can survive on hard surfaces like desks, light switches, and computer keyboards.

With these surfaces and others cleaned with virucides and bactericides on a regular cycle, the number of sick days your staff take will greatly reduce – meaning your productivity levels stay higher, and there are fewer instances where a virus can spread throughout your workforce.

Higher Morale

With fewer sicknesses and a cleaner environment, you will discover that the overall morale of your employees increases.

The reason is that the employees will subconsciously feel more valued by their employer. When employees feel that the business is looking after them, they feel more inclined to go the extra mile in providing more success for the company, which will see your bottom line boosted significantly.

Better Storage Potential

One thing you may not have considered is the fact that you will not need to store your cleaning equipment and materials.

A professional office cleaning Manchester company will bring their cleaning equipment, meaning you will not use up valuable space with vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment. That space can go to something more useful for your business.

Are you enjoying these hidden benefits so far? Why not contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to discover how many hidden benefits you will receive working with us on your office and washroom cleaning requirements? Our team is here to help with any size of commercial office premises.

Commercial Floor Care With Office Cleaners

Expansive flooring in commercial properties is subject to higher levels of wear and tear from a mixture of clients, employees, and other workers occupying the building. Although floors should be part and parcel of a commercial cleaning Manchester contract with your cleaning company Stockport, certain months can see particular challenges for this form of flooring.

While cleaning requirements differ with commercial environments, businesses can work to mitigate the worst damaging effects that harsher climate months provide.

Winter Month Harshness

Over the winter, office flooring in commercial properties will have the same wear and tear as the rest of the year combined. The reason that it combines three seasons’ worth of damage is down to the salt and sand that is routinely placed on pavements to combat ice build-up.

Treading in salt, gravel, and sand to your carpets or other flooring is one thing, but stepping in ice, slush, mud, rainwater, and general grime adds to an unpleasant experience for your floors. Impressions say the most about your company, and maintaining a professional appearance means ensuring your flooring has higher cleaning care.

Managing Winter Floor Cleaning

Most of the dirt on people’s feet is concentrated when they first step through the entrance, with the removal of most of the floor’s surface taking place between the first two meters. Placing large, thick mats at your entrances helps to trap most of the water, dirt, and salt to mitigate damage to the floor.

Although more floor washing sounds counterintuitive in adding more water and liquid to an already wet floor, more frequent cleaning dilutes the water collected from sleet and rain, reducing the likelihood of salt and watermarks. A professional office cleaning Manchester company will use specialist tools for cleaning these carpets, absorbing and removing any lying water or liquids.

They will also deep clean where necessary with hot water extraction methods, restoring your commercial flooring to its original condition and look.

Considering Different Flooring

Matting at the front of a warehouse will be mainly functional, whereas matting in office blocks will be placed with aesthetic considerations. Healthcare facilities will have additional requirements like specific hygiene protocols to take into consideration.

In consideration of how each commercial property is used, which industry-specific cleaning requirements are needed and what budget is needed, an experienced commercial cleaning Manchester company will ensure that your flooring is kept at the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Contact our team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to give your commercial flooring the very best in care throughout each season.

Start the New Year Fresh

2024 is underway, and the doors have open again for the first week of January for many businesses. If you have not prepared and had a full office deep clean leading up to reopening for business, the first week is the time to contact specialists in commercial cleaning Manchester.

Your employees will expect a clean, healthy environment when returning to work. With it still the flu and cold season, you stand to have fewer sick days and more productivity in January by using a professional cleaning company Stockport from the get-go.

Here are the benefits you gain from acting on your office cleaning Manchester needs.

Healthier Environment

Bacteria, allergens, and germs are everywhere, with your desks, worktops, and carpets picking up many forms over the last month. Employees, customers, and visitors can easily spread illnesses by touching everything from a computer keyboard to a door handle.

Regular professional cleaning involves dedicated dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and other cleaning that improves the health of your work environment by reducing the presence of bacteria, germs, and allergens. Dust mites and mould spores are known to trigger allergies and asthma symptoms, possibly increasing the number of sick days taken in January.

Positive Impressions

Customers and visitors to your office will feel more welcome and comfortable entering an area with stain-free carpets and a dust-free reception. If your reception area has seating, you should also have sofas deep-cleaned to ensure they smell fresh.

It is crucial that your washroom cleaning is done professionally as the highest level of germs and bacteria will grow on your flooring and toilets. They will also require a stock of paper towels and hand-cleaning liquids and dispensers. You will feel more confident knowing that your visitors will not judge you on your office and washroom cleanliness when discussing new business.

Less Hassle

Running a business takes a lot of time and effort. You should not have to add additional focus on routine chores like vacuuming and restocking toilet paper. A professional cleaning company Stockport eliminates the hassle of removing the daily grime whilst you concentrate on the daily grind.

Our dedicated, professional team can accommodate any schedule, with daily, weekly, and monthly contracts available – as well as daytime and nighttime schedules to suit your working hours.

With 2024 pretty much being a year for businesses to prosper after a difficult 2023, providing the cleanest environment for that new business to operate is your first call this January. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for commercial cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport.

The Importance of Keeping Your Office Carpets Clean

Office cleaning is essential if you are running a business, but do you understand why your office carpets need industrial levels of professional cleaning? It’s not all about hiding the crumbs and dirt – there is more going on with your office carpets right under your nose.

If your office cleaning is done once a week, you are allowing greater levels of germs and bacteria to grow and spread around your office. If that office cleaning is performed by an amateur and not professionals at commercial cleaning Manchester, you are at even higher levels of risk.

Germs and Viruses

When germs are present in your office, they will cause illnesses. Your office carpet is essentially a filter, trapping damaging air and containing all kinds of pollutants.

Becoming ill due to a dirty carpet is not something that sounds pleasant. It happens when the carpets get too dirty and stops holding back those pollutants, resulting in everyone breathing in damaged air. A lot of fear over the Norovirus is being felt around offices currently, and that virus can exist in your carpets for around six weeks. The more people walk on that carpet, the more it will become an airborne virus.

The Norovirus is not much different from the symptoms of food poisoning. It would be best for an expert in office cleaning Manchester to get that dirt from your carpet on a regular cycle.

The Asthma Threat

Carpets with air confined within them will undoubtedly trigger asthma attacks towards those who suffer from them. Sadly, it’s not confined to asthma – it can also trigger eczema and rhinitis.

Employee health is paramount when running a business, and health problems not only cause a black mark against your business – but also productivity. As more and more employees take sick leave due to unsafe working conditions linked to cleanliness, you will be stuck with poor bottom lines and a poor reputation. That loss of revenue can be spared by spending a bit more on a professional cleaning company Stockport to handle your regular carpet cleaning.

Foul Air Quality

When office carpets are not cleaned well or regularly, the air quality in and around your office will be of its lowest quality. That is a result of the dirt that is now harbouring within the confines of your carpet fibres.

When carpets are just given a brief once over with a vacuum, there will still be a foul smell around the breathable air. The last thing you want is staff complaining about the hygiene levels or visiting potential clients put off by the smell of your office.

Carpets build up this smell because of moisture trapped within them, with the underlying carpet material encouraging mildew problems. A professional cleaner can instigate a deep clean with industrial cleaning chemicals to stop these foul moisture areas from causing any further trouble.

If you need your office carpets cleaned with haste, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Holiday Cleaning Preparation for Your Office

With the holiday season set to give your workforce plenty to celebrate, there is plenty of excitement for the office parties and fun.

However, parties are only one of the reasons you should organize your office cleanliness with a cleaning company Stockport. Businesses should also be factoring in preparation of their offices for the winter.

There are many ways specialists in office cleaning Manchester can help prepare your office for the holidays. Here are some things to consider in your talks around commercial cleaning Manchester.

Cleaning Workspaces

Company parties are incredible fun for employees. It is that part of the year when letting loose and enjoying the time with no work commitments alongside your coworkers makes the work throughout the year worthwhile.

Most companies will go all out with decorations and food during these festivities. Naturally, that means there will be plenty of waste and mess to clean up once the party ends. That is where a cleaning company can be of service. Whilst some employees would feel obliged to dispose of their cups and plates and do a little cleaning up after themselves, professionals can ensure that every crumb and spill is taken care of with professional industrial cleaning equipment.

Floor Cleaning

During the winter, your flooring will take its harshest abuse. Everything from pine needles to festive chocolates gets squished into your carpets, tiles, and other flooring types.

Ice and snow also make your carpets damp and stained, causing foul smells that occupy your office. A cleaning company helps to avoid costly damages by providing necessary defences and protection, using the best practices in caring for all flooring types during the winter. Some services may include vacuuming walk-on mats, melting ice properly, and preventing slip and fall risks.

Deep carpet cleaning will eliminate any deep stains and odours, resulting in fresh carpets each week no matter how many visitors you have.

Disinfecting and Sanitising

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we provide a deep cleaning service second to none, disinfecting your establishment to an exceptionally high standard to prevent diseases and keep your employees healthy.

Winter is the time of year when colds and cases of flu run rampant throughout every working environment. To combat this, you need to do whatever possible to prevent germs from spreading throughout your workforce. A commercial cleaning Manchester company thoroughly cleans every area, from your kitchen to your washroom cleaning, to provide a germ and bacteria-free environment that greatly reduces the potential for sick days.

A cleaning company Stockport can help you prepare and clean your office for the challenging winter weather and the office parties you have planned. Contact our friendly team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for commercial cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport.