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The Five Most Surprisingly Unsanitary Spots Around the Office

You wash your hands after going to the bathroom, you try to keep away from visible grime and you use hand-sanitiser before and after lunch – chances are, you think you’ve got personal hygiene covered around the office. Unfortunately, things aren’t always quite as they appear to be as it might just shock you to learn that something you touch dozens, maybe even hundreds of times every day actually has 400-times more germs per square inch than the average toilet seat!… [read more]

How to Run a Clean, Green Office With Ease

While it’s true to say that pretty much every business in operation these days understands the importance of running in a manner that’s as environmentally friendly as possible, this doesn’t mean all businesses are following the rules. Quite to the contrary in fact as while token efforts may be made once or twice a year to ‘green things up’ a little, the actual day to day efforts made in most instances are, if we’re being perfectly honest, rather on the paltry side.… [read more]

Five Tips for Maintaining a Clean, Orderly Office

It’s no secret, or at least it shouldn’t be in this day and age that maintaining a clean and orderly office isn’t only about aesthetics. Not only are cleaner and well maintained offices more productive workplaces in general, but they are also significantly safer than those which are allowed to fall into a state of chaos.
Of course, for the average business there are far more important things to keep tabs on day after day than simple janitorial duties, but at the same time there are certain things that you yourself must take care of – regardless of whether or not you employ professional cleaners.… [read more]

Office Cleaning – Your Pre-Autumn Checklist

It’s the time of year that so many openly admit dreading, but unfortunately all the complaining and prayer in the world will not stop the autumn from descending on the UK. The leaves are already starting to change colour and that rather familiar nip in the air is once again detectable. Of course the autumn season can be fantastic in the UK and is undeniably beautiful, but it does at the same time bring certain unique challenges including those attributed to office cleaning and maintenance habits.… [read more]