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Carpet Lifespan: Hiring Contract Cleaners

Your office space is an area of representation requiring the best presentation and hygiene standards. To achieve this, a regular schedule for cleaning and deep cleaning your carpets is essential.

If you run a shop, an office or any other commercial site, several benefits come with a professional cleaning company Stockport. Many businesses will see a professional cleaning company as an unnecessary cost, but, in truth, they will be spending even more money through occasional cleaning.

Here are some reasons why a professional commercial cleaning Manchester company is essential for a healthy carpet lifespan.

Promoting Hygiene

Professional carpet cleaning uses strong products to effectively remove any deep dirt and allergens. Depending on the setting your carpet is in, that can require cleaning on a more regular schedule.

Carpets suffering food stains will typically require a specific solution to guarantee successful removal. A thorough, professional service will help improve your business air quality, improving your employee’ health standards and their happiness within their workplace. Without regular carpet cleaning, deep-seated bacteria will lead to sickness and allergies. There can also be mould growth that can lead to long-term respiratory problems.


A commercial carpet’s long-term lifespan will always vary. However, a professional office cleaning Manchester company will increase the expected lifespan threefold and save your business a lot in refitting costs.

Annual deep cleaning proves to be a lot cheaper in the long term, especially if your business contains a high volume of carpeting throughout. Commercial office spaces and shopfronts endure more foot traffic than a residential property would on average – making them more vulnerable to higher contamination and wear and tear.

Fresh Vibrancy and Colour

As well as the practical benefits, a professional cleaning company can restore your flooring’s natural colour. Some companies will opt to pay out for a full carpet replacement to bring back the vibrancy the office is missing, not realising that a deep clean by a qualified professional can achieve the same result for much less cost.

Brighter carpets help to revitalise your business and provide a more consistent aesthetic. A cleaner look will show employees and visitors that you take pride in your business image and environment. Carpets rarely have a one-size-fits-all all solution; only a professional can determine the right products and approach to revitalising your carpet appearance.

Regular maintenance of your commercial carpets requires a professional to reduce the care it needs. Practical and aesthetic benefits can improve your carpet’s lifespan and significantly improve employee health and productivity.

Deep cleaning your carpets is essential for hygiene. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Keeping Your Desks Clean: Helpful Tips for Doing Your Part

Employing a commercial cleaning Manchester company to keep your office clean and orderly is a true benefit that helps to make your business look professional and organised. However, there are still ways that you can help in maintaining the cleanest environment on a day-to-day basis. Having your employees take on board some personal care tips for desk cleaning will help to maintain a clean attitude towards your place of work.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we do everything possible to ensure your work premises are spotlessly clean, including offering up some helpful tips.

No Desk Snacking

Snacking is unavoidable when you work at a desk. It is too much of a temptation to resist for most. However, that is how you end up with those permanent crumbs between your keys on your keyboard.

Whilst many business owners instil a strict ban on munching at the desk, you can help to resist the temptation by explaining to your employees that it is not the most hygienic option, especially with the many germs that grow on a desk over a day. It may seem a lot for your employees to give up, but just having them not do it for two weeks will help establish it as a rule.

Move It When You Notice It

One of the bug bearers is when various unused and unneeded papers clutter up our trays and desk space. The worst thing is we know it is there, yet we still leave it there.

Having employees clear any useless papers into the bins at the end of every shift, ready for the cleaning company Stockport to empty them at the end of the day, is something that every business can benefit from. Leaving papers on your desk will result in the cleaning company putting them in a neat pile in your tray when cleaning, meaning you will have to sift through them the next day. Take into consideration what papers serve a purpose and which is waste at the end of each working day – it will save a lot of rummaging time the next morning.

Place Items in Drawers

A simple step is putting all of the loose items like pens, pencils and bits and bobs into your desk drawers at the end of the day. That will greatly help to make your desk look uncluttered and ready for the next morning.

Whilst working through the day, placing all personal possessions like your mobile phone, keys and wallet/purses into your drawers will help keep you and your staff from distraction. It is extremely easy to become distracted when your mobile phone is getting alerts every few minutes, leading to procrastination.

The little tips that can prevent your office from becoming a rubbish tip. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for desk cleaning and office cleaning Manchester.

Effective Office Cleaning: The Facts You May Not Know

Your office space will always be better and save time when well managed. That is the main reason why busy office managers employ types of commercial cleaning services instead of taking on the work themselves.

Time management is the best way to focus on the essential things within your schedule. For something to work out well, you need to know that specific areas within your office are getting professional cleaning to promote a healthy workplace.

By hiring a contractor for office cleaning Manchester, you not only manage to keep your office neat and clean, but you will ensure that the hidden threats are fully taken care of.

Some Hidden Facts

Before anything else, you should know that if you ignore the cleanliness of your office even by a little bit, you are inviting a range of threats that will affect your employees. These same threats will create burdens on you by hitting your productivity levels.

Water is a necessity but, when poured from an uncleaned dispenser, it becomes a threat. That threat is present on your hands whenever you touch the buttons of the dispenser. Water dispensers can make your employees sick just from having the buttons filled with germs and bacteria from ignoring their need for disinfecting. Around 25% of water dispensers transfer threatening illnesses just through ignorance of when they should be cleaned.

Whilst most employees choose to eat their lunches at their desks, it can also be one of the biggest residences for bacteria growth. Every time hands are placed on a desk, you are making contact with a contaminated surface. Whilst these germs spread, so too are diseases which will make your employees ill or seriously hamper their productivity. On average, an office desk is proven to be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

More Than a Quick Wipe

Simply wiping over your desk surfaces with a wet wipe or wet cloth is not enough to fully clean the germs and bacteria hidden on the surface.

These surfaces require expert levels of disinfecting with high-quality cleaning products, such as the ones used by a cleaning company Stockport. Bacteria count can increase by 31% each day on surfaces that are not effectively cleaned with industrial-grade chemicals. As well as your desks, your office phones will contaminate your hands and help to spread the diseases.

Office telephones contain almost 25000 germs per square inch. When you look at your telephones and do the math, the amount of potential harbouring germs is staggering.

If you cannot dedicate time out of your schedule to office cleanliness and washroom cleaning, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to schedule a service and make your office the healthiest environment against germs and bacteria.

Reviving Your Office Carpets

Keeping your office carpets clean is one of the more challenging aspects of running a welcoming commercial premises. If you have a lot of heavy foot traffic through your office daily, a lot of dirt, dust and grime accumulate deep within your carpet – providing unsightly stains and foul odours – leading to health problems such as allergies and asthma.

Whilst you may feel compelled to clean your carpets by yourself to save on company expenditure, DIY methods are often ineffective and can lead to irreparable damage to your flooring. Therefore, you need to hire a professional office cleaning Manchester company to clean your carpets.

Dirty Carpet Problems

Dirty carpets pose many problems – even more when you handle them yourself with cheap, ineffective cleaning products. Not everyone is familiar with the ideal cleaning solutions and chemicals required and care needed.

To bring carpets back to their ideal look and presentation, professional equipment and speciality cleaning chemicals that are not off-the-shelf solutions are required to remove deep-seated dirt and grime. Professional commercial cleaning Manchester contractors have the experience and equipment to leave your carpets looking and feeling fresh, whilst removing the germ and bacteria-inducing stubborn stains and dirt trampled in all day.

Techniques and Products

To keep your various office carpets clean and well-maintained, our team use techniques and products that are industry-standard and treated to kill festering bacterias with industrial-strength chemicals.

With decades-long experience in all aspects of carpet cleaning, our cleaners can identify the best cleaning methods for your particular form of flooring – whether carpets, vinyl, hardwood or others – to ensure all cleaning operations are 100% effective and safe. When it comes to carpet maintenance, consistency is key. By implementing a regular cleaning routine, you can help prevent excessive buildup of dirt, dust and stains and reduce the amount of disgust your office visitors experience in your flooring appeal.

Poorly cleaned office flooring has more detrimental effect on your business reputation than bad word of mouth. Take proactive action and keep a regular cleaning schedule – even if the carpet looks fine.

Deep Cleaning

Whilst regular cleaning can keep your flooring clean, a deep clean once or twice a year is essential. Deep cleaning such as steam cleaning or hot water extraction can effectively remove deep-seated dirt and stains. Deep cleaning services can be provided by your cleaning company Stockport and can extend the lifespan of your flooring.

If you need professional carpet cleaning services, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today. We have the expertise, equipment and knowledge to ensure your office stays in excellent condition.

Cleaning Your Offices at Night

One of the biggest concerns for busy offices is scheduling their regular office cleaning around the prime working hours. Many companies feel they must work faster and finish early on a Friday to allow their cleaning contractor to perform their various cleaning tasks, losing out on the last shift hour.

No one can effectively do their work with the sound of vacuum cleaners. Having your office cleaning out of working hours is a more suitable option. Naturally, the benefits of having your office cleaned in the evening go both ways – for customers and cleaning professionals.

It is easier and cheaper to travel, there is plenty of room to do the job, and nobody will be disturbed whilst trying to do their own work.

Energy Price Consideration

With every business in 2023, the rising energy costs are a large concern, with many companies finding their electricity costs more than three times the amount they were a few years ago.

Having your office cleaned in the evening means it will be using off-peak rate energy, making it much cheaper. That certainly adds up, considering that commercial vacuum cleaners have 3,000-watt motors and run for around an hour for a big clean.

No Productivity Loss

Running an office in today’s economy is costly, especially with hybrid working models. Making the most of the space means filling it with enough workers to justify having an office.

Cleaning offices at night allows for a proper office deep clean, tackling tasks that are challenging when workers are present. The ability to professionally clean workstations, computers and touchpoints – including phones and mouse – means that the work is not paused. Instead, workers can return to their desk in the morning knowing that they have the ultimate cleanliness to kickstart their day.

That is not just good for productivity, but also for office hygiene too.

Happier Workers

A clean office is a happy office, and your workforce is greeted with a spotless place to work without having to contend with dirt, dust and distractions.

Not only is this something great for staff members to see each morning, but it also makes it easier for your cleaning company Stockport. Commercial cleaning Manchester contractors prefer to work outside of office hours because there is less traffic on the way to the job, and plenty of parking when they get there which makes the entire process much easier and more comfortable.

If you are looking for out-of-hours professional office cleaning Manchester, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Is Your Current Cleaning Company Making You Sick?

It is not uncommon for many small to medium companies to shave some expense off of their cleaning requirements by hiring a friend or family member, or a company that drops their prices low to gain your business.

There are simply so many people within the confined space of your office, and many shared surfaces and fixtures, that make the spread of germs and bacteria a certainty. When colds and flu start to shift throughout your office, more and more employees will get sick – unless you have a professional office cleaning Manchester company handling the contract.

Is your current cleaning provider doing everything possible to keep your office environmentally friendly and reduce the spread of germs and viruses?

Where Professionals Lay Focus

Thanks to extensive experience and skill. The Absolutely Gleaming Services team know more about how to reduce germs transmission than any regular Joe with a vacuum cleaner and wipes.

Every minute, an average adult will touch around 25 objects within an office space that can then grow germs, bacteria and virus-inducing symptoms. Desktop surfaces, computer keyboards, mouses and telephones can carry more germs than a toilet seat does. With a commercial cleaning Manchester company, there is the understanding of cleaning for health, through equipment and touch spots, using industrial cleaning chemicals and practices that decrease any spread of germs and disease.

With substandard office cleaning, the real cost comes with how much productivity you will lose each year through the absence and sick days of your staff. Bad cleaning isn’t just costing you your image – it is costing you money.

Touch Points

Touch points are a critical area when cleaning for health. These are areas throughout your building where everyone’s hands and fingers will touch as a requirement. We mean door handles, light switches, taps and handrails.

If these areas are left in unsanitary conditions, they become the perfect areas for the transmission of germs among every member of your staff. If your current office cleaner is unfamiliar with touch points and the attention they require, there will be more and more transmission and illness spreading to higher levels.

Effective cleaning is not about appearances – it is about what we know is there but cannot be seen. At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we consistently clean shared office computers and disinfect areas like office handles, mouses and computer equipment that every employee shares – as well as all touch outlets that every staff member touches without realising.

We know that who cleans your office is just as important as how they clean your office. Absolutely Gleaming Services go above and beyond to customise a plan to individual customer needs – without cutting the corners expected of a cleaning company Stockport.

Contact our friendly team today to get professional office, kitchen and washroom cleaning services that are worth the money you pay.

5 Office Hotspots for Germs

Our office is more of a second home, with us spending almost 50% of our working week cooped up inside them. It is a place for meeting people, having team meetings and working together to achieve the goals set out each week. The more time spent inside your office, the more exposure everyone will have towards germs and bacteria in that space. At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we know where your germs are hiding.

Working Healthy

To keep a healthy work environment, you should understand where germs are festering in your office. Knowing the most common areas where these germs are accumulating can help you to take necessary precautions to keep everything neat.

Working with a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester will provide you with expertise and experience in making your office a safe and healthy place to work within, and we commonly find the biggest germ and bacteria buildup in these office space areas.

Sitting in Germs

Your office keyboards and mouses are the most frequently touched items, making them the hotbed for various germs and bacteria picked up from everywhere else during a working day. These two items take on the role of breeding grounds for viruses, resulting in multiple people catching it if the computer is shared by other staff members or shifts.

Regular cleaning is crucial for these items to prevent illness from running rampant throughout your workforce. The desks and work surfaces are naturally the next progression, where we spend most of our working day. As a result of that time, they accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria – especially when we eat at our desks. Thorough cleaning of these areas is essential for keeping the workplace free from viruses.

Where One Goes, All Goes

The office kitchen and canteen are places where your workforce gathers to eat, drink and socialise. As a result, these high-traffic areas are also high-traffic for germs running wild.

Kitchens and canteens also contain food, passing germs and bacteria into our bodies if not thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Toilet and washroom cleaning is also crucial, as germs and bacteria accumulate from unsanitised restroom areas. Specialist chemical cleaning by a cleaning company Stockport helps to stop the spread of illness and maintain a healthy work environment in these areas.

Common areas like conference rooms and reception areas are hotspots for germs and bacteria buildup. These areas also bring in outside visitors who can pick up unhealthy bugs or viruses from these uncleaned areas, bringing a bad reputation to your office’s cleanliness.

Now that you know where your germs are running wild, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to provide regular cleaning and disinfecting with office cleaning Manchester services.

Cleaning Guide for Offices with Pets

Nothing is more special than having an office pet, such as a cat or dog, around you at work. It is always nice to know you have a furry friend by your side on even the most stressful day in the workplace.

Whilst they will take a cosy bed corner or select an office box to chill out in, having an office mascot does add an extra consideration towards cleaning chores. Here are some ideas to help keep your office smelling and looking fresh if you have an office pet.

Moulting Season

Every season, a new coat for your animals will start to take effect, meaning that old coats of fur will be everywhere. Your carpets and office sofas will soon begin to see huge clumps of hair and fur that can be hard to brush off.

The best way to prevent that hair from accumulating around your office is to brush your pet regularly with a wire brush designed to capture hair. If you leave your carpets with large amounts of this hair for a while, you will require seasonal deep cleaning to ensure that it does not lead to powerful allergens – especially if one of your clients or customers has an allergy to cat hair.

Use Feeding Mats

It is not uncommon to leave your pet’s food and water bowls in the kitchen area, but they are not the cleanest eaters you will have in your office.

The best way to ensure that food stains do not get into the flooring is to place plastic feeding mats underneath their bowls. That will help to catch all crumbs, water spills and jelly and meat spills that can affect your flooring. If the food gets into an office carpet, you will need a professional cleaning company Stockport to ensure no germ buildups.

Litter Trays

One of the foulest odours is when a pet’s litter tray is left unattended, resulting in a smell that can overtake your office. It is advisable that these trays not be left in a spot with direct office sunlight as – on hot days – that smell can get unbearable.

A specialist in office cleaning Manchester can help to eliminate that smell with a weekly clean, but you should buy odour-reducing cat litter and ensure that messes are cleaned and disposed of as soon as they happen.

Having an office pet is a big responsibility that increases the need for a cleaner workspace. Special attention needs to be put in for vacuuming and sweeping around all areas to make it healthy for you and them.

For more information on commercial cleaning Manchester, contact our team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for the highest quality in office cleaning Manchester.

Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Contract Cleaner

Professional commercial cleaning Manchester is something that every office needs to maintain high levels of cleanliness and a safe working environment. Whilst many professional cleaning contractors operate nationwide, businesses often encounter problems with certain cleaning companies, making choosing the right contractor difficult.

Numerous things need to be focused on when choosing a cleaning company – such as referrals, reputation, professionalism, experience and services offered. Good research before hiring a partner saves you plenty in the long run.

Quality Wins Over Cheapness

If you compromise on the quality of services to go with a budget-friendly option, you are making a big mistake. You can get cost-effecting cleaning, but that will mean that the staff showing up for the job will have inexperience.

In the same breath, selecting a cleaning company with the highest prices is not always worthwhile either. Many companies make high promises but deliver poor quality services, charging them an inflated rate. You closely assess by comparing the experience, services, reviews and overall costs before committing to the contractor.

It is best to meet the cleaning company Stockport to evaluate their professionalism before undergoing any agreement.

Research and Checking

You need a reliable and trusted office cleaning Manchester company for your business. That will require a certain amount of research before making a choice.

If you are paying a high cost, you won’t want any compromise on service levels. In hiring any staff, you need a necessary background check to ensure that the company is satisfactory and that all references and documents check out fine. For security purposes, ensure all references are contacted and all details are correct.

You need a clear understanding of how the cleaning company operates and how they screen their staff. With so many scammers in the cleaning marketplace, you need to ensure they hold the correct licences and certifications of a cleaning company Stockport.

Insurance Check

When hiring the cleaning contractor, thoroughly read the contract’s agreement and terms and conditions. Be sure of everything mentioned within that contract, such as services outlined, costs, payment methods and everything else contained.

It is better to be fully clear about all services included with a commercial cleaning Manchester company – ensuring that it does not disrupt your operations or staff. Make sure that the company you choose is fully insured in the case of an accident or damage to your property. Ask the contractor for their insurance and licences before committing.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for all services toward commercial cleaning, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport.

Summer Cleaning Hacks

With the hot weather in season and humidity levels seeing a record high for the UK climate, your workplace may begin to produce unpleasant odours due to the increased heat, so summer cleaning services are essential!

If so, your commercial cleaning Manchester requirements may need more attention than usual. If you have a cleaning contract that permits a once-over each week, it may be time to increase that to double, with individual workspaces requiring a daily minimal clean.

Let us tell you how you can help to keep your workplace fresh in the face of rising humidity.

Desk Areas

The desks you and your staff occupy everyday are a central part of your working day. All the equipment and items surrounding your desk will get a build-up of germs throughout the week that need attention.

If you eat your lunch at your desk, you will be surprised by how many germs and bacteria can harbour from your food debris. Giving your desk a daily wipe-over with antibacterial wipes and sprays at midday and the end of each day and disposing of wrappers, rubbish and drinks bottles will help to keep your desks clean and sanitary.

Kitchen Area

A company kitchen is where multiple foods are stored, prepared and heated in a microwave. If the lid on the food is not present, splatters from the food can hit the microwave ceiling and door.

Employees are not known to clean up a microwave mess after it happens, but leaving wipes and a spray next to your microwave may give the message they need to. A dirty microwave can make everyone sick if not attended to – and no one will think to do it before they put their food in.

Wipe down all countertops with a paper towel or pre-moistened antibacterial wipe, cleaning up any germs built up from food being put down spills during the day. Ensure all discarded fast-food cups and containers are disposed of in the kitchen bin and ready for emptying at the end of the working day.

Also, encourage any floor spills by your staff to be cleaned up immediately so that slipping hazards are avoided.


Personal hygiene is something everyone should know, but when it comes to washroom cleaning in the workplace, it is a job no one wants to follow.

However, when not properly cleaned and sanitised, these rooms are a detriment to the health of your employees. They also play havoc with staff morale and sick day leave. Ensure your toilets are well-equipped so employees can follow personal hygiene practices, with running water, toilet tissue, hand soaps and equipment all in order.

The rest of the cleaning you can leave to us at Absolutely Gleaming Services, your number one solution in a cleaning company Stockport. Contact our friendly team today for summer cleaning services.