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Office Windows: Gazing into the Future

Whilst George Formby may be the go-to tune whenever you think about window cleaners Stockport, you may not understand that your commercial cleaning Manchester contractor will also apply this area to your regular schedule.

It makes solid business sense to have all of your eggs in one basket also, as the importance of your office windows having nothing but the clearest transparency does well for your staff’s health and the business’s financial health also.

You may believe that people are not that shallow, but first impressions and appearances do count, and having a clear reflection of your business as a whole speaks volumes.

Outside Looking In

If you were looking at a product through a shop window that you want, but then look a little closer and see that the shop is filled with dust, dirt and smudges all over the display case, what do you believe the chances of that item continuing to be desired?

The chances are they will immediately look elsewhere. After all, a business that does not look after its premises can be sure that they also do not look after its inventory, or put little to no value in its business by not caring what it looks like to customers.

It also spells that your company may be too cheap to hire a professional cleaner for the windows, which may relate that your business is not making a lot of money and may not be around too long. Appearances to your clients are everything.

Less Distraction

Dust, dirt and smudges all over your window are a distraction. A major distraction! This being seen daily means that your staff have it affecting their day-to-day, which only starts to get more negative when it is not cleaned.

From there the staff will start to think the boss does not care about their company, so why would they care about them? It gets depressing, with people not wanting to come to the office because it is dirty, dusty and unappealing – quite frankly an embarrassment for any clients coming in.

What is worse than seeing sunshine outside whilst you are cooped up in an office? Seeing that sunshine through a disgusting grimy window. Invest in your staff’s happiness and get those windows cleaned as part of your office cleaning Stockport contract.

If you run a business, it will be your pride and joy and one of the main concentrations of your life. Don’t ignore the finer details in running that business, look after the little things and showcase to customers and staff that your approach is immaculate and that your business is worth investing in.

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Contract Cleaning for Doctor’s Surgeries

If you run a doctor’s surgery or dental practice, you know that your waiting areas and surgery departments must be at the highest cleanliness levels possible. Cleaning a doctors surgery or dental practice is essential to maintain acceptable hygiene levels and control bacteria. This is done to reduce infection spread risk between patients.

When using a reputable commercial cleaning Manchester service, you can be sure that not only is every corner taken care of, but you can achieve 3 specific benefits.

CDC Accreditation

A contract cleaning company that has a 100% pass rate, which demonstrates that it constantly adheres to stringent guidelines set out by the CDC (Care Quality Commission), will have an in-depth understanding of codes of practice for both dental surgery and doctor’s practice.

The guidelines are very specific and demand fundamental standards of cleanliness. When you employ an office cleaning Manchester company with a 100% pass rate, you have confidence that your surgery is properly cleaned by qualified staff, giving you peace of mind for the price.


With a cleaning company Stockport, you are assured that your surgery is cleaned when it needs to be cleaned.

A cleaning company has their reputation in mind as well as yours and will have systems in place to ensure that the service to your company is always kept pristine, even if a regular cleaner is sick or on holiday. Contract cleaning comes with the benefit to give reinforcement of commitment to their clients, allowing for flexibility and reliability.

Solid Business Sense 

Using contract cleaners for your offices and surgeries is a surprisingly affordable option that spares you the business expenses of cleaning products and equipment. It also avoids specifically hiring an employee to clean or the use of in-house training and weekly cleaning rotas.

The rates of a cleaning company are highly competitive, and when you factor in that they work with the safest and fully certified chemicals and follow all handling guidelines, such as colour-coded cloths and strict cleaning orders, you have a full service that you do not have to worry about when it comes to business finances.

With Absolutely Gleaming Services, you have a cleaning service with experience and knowledge that guarantees your preferred cleaning programme is constantly maintained. Patients will appreciate the clear vision of your practice and your staff will feel comfortable working in a healthy environment.

Cleaning a doctors surgery or dental practice is essential. Contact our team today to discover our excellent service that can be tailored to your requirements.

Is Disinfecting Your Office Necessary?

The disinfecting process is not just for fighting and preventing harmful viruses from spreading throughout your office – It is also a massive player in bringing significant value to your business and other benefits.

Today, disinfecting your office regularly is a current requirement, as the threat of pandemic-level viruses is still in effect and employee concern about occupying the workplace is always on alert.

Professional Disinfecting

When you run a business, it is essential to maintain a safe, healthy and hygienic environment for all employees. Unfortunately, outbreaks and other hygiene problems can occur which will require professional commercial cleaning Manchester intervention.

Professional deep cleaning provides a thorough disinfecting process that covers all doors, floors, carpets and furniture within the workplace. A cleaning company Stockport will use sterilising chemicals and environmentally friendly products to help maintain healthy business premises for anyone who enters. This also includes fogging services, highly effective for disinfection following virus outbreaks – such as Covid-19 and monkeypox.

Professional disinfecting ensures that all staff and visitors are protected by eradicating lingering bacteria.

Future Protection

As we all witnessed, a pandemic can certainly turn the way businesses are running on its head, but lessons have been learned about how to protect our businesses moving forward.

Many people have made the mistake to be neglectful of hygiene and assume everything is fine now, but Covid caught everyone off guard and highlighted not only how crucial hygiene is to the workplace but also how vulnerable every business can be. Assuming a workplace is clean, healthy and free from harmful bacteria is a dangerous game, especially with the next harmful virus hanging around every corner.

Having health and safety issues crop up can lead to a significant impact on the productivity, morale and profits of the company, especially with employee sickness or future lockdowns. Professional cleaning can prevent this and have your company in better preparation for any future outbreaks.

Protection Moving Forward

In most cases, businesses do not have hygiene at the height of their priorities after the first few years. The benefits of deep cleaning are protecting your employees from health risks and hazards and providing a positive impact on the workplace aesthetic.

This is crucial because your workplace looks great and clean for visitors and staff, as well as showcasing you are a business with well-being at the forefront of its operation.

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How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

Your commercial carpet cleaning depends on various factors playing against it. How many people work in the office, how many visitors you have and what type of work your company does all weigh into how often it requires professional cleaning.

True, whilst every office has a contractual clean by a cleaning company Stockport on a daily or weekly basis, some carpets may require a deep clean more than others. If you run an office in a sawmill or manufacturing plant, the dust and dirt that gets trampled into the office is in higher volumes and requires much more attention to stay clean.

Knowing When Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

There are a few ways to tell if your office carpet needs cleaning. If you have not cleaned it within 6 months then it requires a deep clean straight off the bat and then a regular cleaning schedule in place following.

You may notice a lingering smell of dampness or that staff members in the office have allergies and begin feeling ill. There are also noticeable signs such as stains, visible marks and dullness to the colour. All of these signs point to your carpet needing an urgent cleaning.

How Often Should Cleaning Be Done?

To maintain the health of your carpet and a healthy work environment, it is recommended that you have your carpet hoovered no less than once a week by a commercial cleaning Manchester specialist.

Your carpet will also require an industrial shampoo service once every 6 to 12 months, more frequently if your carpet is of a lighter colour and sees heavy foot traffic. For a deep clean of your office carpet, it is recommended that you add a deep clean at least once a year if not quarterly.

You will need to stay consistent with your carpet cleaning as the more regularly they are cleaner, the easier it is to maintain their good condition and lifespan.

Can You Overclean Your Carpets?

Although some say otherwise, you cannot overclean your office carpets. It is more damaging to your carpets to not have them cleaned, with the build-up of dirt over time getting worse and more difficult to clean.

Some carpets can end up damaged beyond repair if not cleaned regularly and it is not hard to do and interrupt your workflow. Hiring a professional cleaner for deeper cleaning of your carpet, these professionals come with industrial cleaning equipment and chemicals to shampoo and condition your carpets. This is recommended for lighter-coloured carpets, or carpets in rooms with heavier footfall.

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Maintaining a Clean Work Environment

Now that the new year is fully in swing, companies need to consider what it takes to maintaining a clean work environment for the year ahead following their forest office deep clean.

There was a time when we thought we would never again get to step back into the office to work, and with hybrid working now being the most preferred method, extra vigilance around workplace cleaning and hygiene has seen many businesses updating their cleaning policies and contracts with commercial cleaning Manchester companies.

With that fact in mind, some parts of your office require a constant state of cleanliness within your office cleaning Manchester.

The Main Focus

Touchpoints are items with a main focus on cleanliness, which are any that get used, handled or touched at various points throughout the day. These touchpoints will build up more bacteria than other areas around your workplace and as such must have a thorough cleaning and disinfecting than any other.

This involves the removal of all dirt and germs on the surfaces and objects to ensure that the spread of infection is reduced and the areas are visibly clean. As part of your cleaning contract with your contracted specialists, make sure that a frequent disinfection routine is in place for all of the identified touchpoints when updating your cleaning policy.

This should be in place between your seasonal deep clean to eliminate widespread bacteria and germ spreading between staff members.

Seasonal Deep Clean

If you have not yet established a regular deep cleaning schedule for your office. Deep cleaning is something that every office needs to get rid of aspects that can have a long-term buildup such as dust and grime in spots that don’t get full attention on a regular clean-up.

With a regularly scheduled deep clean over an evening or weekend as little as every 2-3 months, you do your part to keep germs and viruses at bay and not put the health of your workforce at risk when you need them to be working healthily, giving them the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene in their professional environment.

Employee Workstations

With your staff all back in the office, you should remind all of them to do their part in keeping all desks, work surfaces and floors as clean as possible. This can be encouraging them to remove all personal waste and clutter into bin bags ready to be taken to the skip or removed by the cleaning company.

At the end of a working day, an employee just wants to begin the trek home and not bother with anything additional – but having them be responsible for cleaning up their dishes in the kitchen and not leaving them for someone else to take care of will do its part for keeping full morale and responsibility high.

For the new year ahead, update your cleaning policy with your cleaning company Stockport and to pride in maintaining a clean work environment.

Why Your Office Sink Needs Regular Cleaning

Regular office cleaning is the best way to keep productivity with your employees maintained and motivated, as well as keep the best first impression on anyone who visits. Clients and new year staff members should be impressed with what they walk into, seeing a clean, sanitary environment.

One area that is often overlooked in terms of cleaning is the office sinks. The reasons these need to be kept on top of with the very best in hygienic cleaning by specialists in commercial cleaning Manchester.

The Prime Suspects

When you return to the office in the new year, you will want to start with the right environment to keep productivity high with no distractions. Your sinks in your kitchen area and washrooms will begin to build some nasty surprises if they are ignored – ones you don’t want to give the wrong impression.


If you didn’t get an entire office clean after your office party over Christmas, you have to think that the bathroom was used a lot during that festive celebration. When you think of how many staff members will have used that sink and how much bacteria has been building up since it is not a comforting thought.

The surrounding surfaces such as the drainage board in the kitchen sink to the sponges and the taps themselves could have bacteria already forming. Researchers have detailed that a sink can hold more germs than an average toilet seat. With that in mind, you need to protect your staff by having your sinks cleaned thoroughly by a cleaning company Stockport that can maintain its freshness as part of your cleaning contract.


The invisible enemy of a workplace is the smells that come from your sinks, typically from when food and drink are poured into the basin.

Every employee is guilty when it comes to not cleaning the sink out after disposing of leftover food and drink and when it begins to build up within your plughole and drain, those smells begin to build up whilst the bacteria grows. These are some of the most negative impacts that can affect your office and the mood within it. Not only does this affect your workforce, but it quickly deters any potential client from wanting to stick around. Your sink needs that regular cleaning by a specialist office cleaning Manchester company to make sure these forms of bacteria don’t start to stink out your working environment.

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Combatting Cold and Flu in the Office

The countdown to closing doors for the Christmas holidays is pretty precarious. The reason being is that it is deep in the heart of the cold and flu season. This means that employees are actively trying to dodge the germs that could see them ill over the festivities – and businesses suffering from staff who have to take time off.

One thing you need to understand about the presence of cold and flu around your office is that repeated bad hygiene steps around the office play a bigger role. Employees forget to wash their hands or avoid close contact with others, resulting in a larger spread of cold and flu germs.

What is the best way to minimise viral infections in the workplace?

Hygiene Policy

The best way to avoid cold and flu germs around the office is to implement a good hygiene policy that is clear for all employees to follow. This would be hand sanitisers supplied to each staff member, as well as a box of tissues and antiseptic wipes at their desk.

Every employee should know how to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing, as well as to wash their hands with warm water on every trip to the washroom. When these employees touch door handles or worktops, they will be spreading germs easy to pick up by unsuspecting others. Help to avoid this by limiting sharing of tools and cutlery, as well as hardware such as a computer mouse, phones and stationary, the spread will be greatly reduced.

Clean and Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched areas is something you should have done every day by your commercial cleaning Manchester company. Having all keyboards, door handles, kettles and light switches thoroughly disinfected every day will keep the growth of dangerous germs at bay.

By hiring a cleaning company Stockport, you can keep your environment reduced by germs and keep your staff healthier. The limitations on cold and flu germs to be able to harvest within the workplace will have a positive effect on your staff and their Christmas workload. The highest standards of cleaning are most likely to be achieved by specialists in office cleaning Manchester.

Keep Sick Employees Away

Thanks to more relaxed rules around hybrid working, many businesses can have employees with colds and flu still working if they are able without having them occupy the office.

These employees can choose to conduct certain tasks from home whilst they recover, eliminating reliance on sick pay and not losing any much-needed wages. This helps the office cleaning levels as ill workers will not be continuously infecting certain communal areas and spreading sickness to others.

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Can Coffee Stains be Cleaned Out of a Carpet?

Everyone requires coffee or tea to get through a busy office day. It’s an office essential that cannot be denied to any worker. However, it tends to see many accidental spills that can leave a lasting stain on your office carpet that a regular clean or scrub cannot shift correctly. Instead of replacing your carpet or placing something over the offending spot, you should figure out what can be done with a commercial cleaning Stockport company within a cleaning contract that can deep clean the problem.

Even if that stain has been occupying your carpet for a prolonged period, there is always something that can be done.

Steps That You Can Take

If you were wanting to take care of the problem yourself, there are things you can do that take a little effort on your part. The first thing we would say would be NOT to scrub the stain.

Scrubbing only works that coffee deeper into the carpet and makes it even harder to remove. The first step is to blot up as much surface liquid as possible as quickly as you can. Kitchen towels are great for this, or a clean tea towel if you have one. This lifts the liquid away rather than letting it permeate deeper into the carpet. It is important to soak instead of scrubbing this surface liquid out.

Blot and Treat

After getting as much surface liquid shifted as possible, it is time to treat the stain. If you have a carpet stain remover in the office cupboard, this should do the trick by following the instructions on the bottle. In most cases, your office will not have a proper carpet stain-removing agent to hand – but that doesn’t mean you cannot use other items for a DIY carpet cleaning agent.

Mixing a tablespoon of washing-up liquid with a tablespoon of white vinegar and 500ml of water into a jug or washing-up basin can create a decent enough mixture to get the job done.

Apply this to a clean cloth and dab the stain a little at a time. Blotting this with a clean, dry towel whilst doing so will start to visibly reduce the stain in most cases. White vinegar is the magic ingredient that is a mild, natural acid that starts breaking down and dissolving staining compounds in coffee. When combined with the washing-up liquid, it cuts through the oils present within coffee and acts as a fully effective yet mild coffee stain remover.

Once the last of the cleaning liquid is blotted away, there may be visible stains left over. If that is the case, you will need a dry clean.

Baking Soda

When the area is dry as can be from blotting, you can dust it with baking soda. This is another ingredient that can act against coffee stains to great effect because it is highly absorbent at soaking up oils and reacting with vinegar.

This can be either left on the surface or lightly worked into the fibres with a clean cloth.

If you have more persistent stains, it is time to trust an expert in office cleaning Manchester to perform a very deep clean on your office carpet.

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Trust Plays an Important Role in Commercial Cleaning

When you work with a professional contractor, reputation and availability is the most important part of bonding a working relationship, second only to trust. There is no doubt that trust is the biggest component when it comes to working with a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester.

Fully trusting that your cleaning company Stockport is doing the job to the highest standard and respecting your workplace, from its cleanliness to everything that is held within the property has to be the main focus. If you have a grey area, then it is something you need to cover before moving ahead.

If you don’t feel confident or comfortable with aspects of your cleaning contractor, you should look into hiring another one and see if they fit the bill.

How to Find a Trustful Provider

Each cleaning company will no doubt provide their promises and guarantees, but doing your research is always going to provide the piece of mind.

Reading everything you can find on the company, from website content to customer reviews and rankings, will give you a broader insight into whether they fit your expectations. Remember, a trusted and resourceful company will have plenty of reviews online that are positive and will have been in business long enough to have earned its reputation.

Once you have narrowed it down, you can meet with several of the most positive ones to find out their experience, services and the kinds of products and equipment that they bring to the job. You should always ask about their insurance and bonding so that you can feel comfortable that your property is in safe hands.

Let Your Instinct Guide You

Once you have found a company that you feel happy with, ask to meet the team that will be behind the cleaning of your premises. This will make the relationship between both parties more personable and provide easier communication. If any concerns arise from this, you can address them before any work starts.

You also need to ensure that, should you be unhappy with any aspect of the service, communications are direct and you are not left unanswered. This is not just for anything you are unhappy about, but also to let them know they have done an amazing job, establishing the high standards you would expect from their work moving forward.

Trusting your cleaning company Stockport is essential when you are looking to hire a contractor for your office’s well-being. By asking the questions and getting definitive answers, you can be sure your relationship is as clean and healthy as your day-to-day work.

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Questions You Need to Ask of Commercial Cleaning Specialists

When talking with commercial cleaning specialists for a contract for your office environment, there are some additional things you should be asking to be sure they are the right fit for your business.

Knowing their expertise and availability is one thing, but underlying factors need answers to ensure the quality of service stays consistent and you are not left with gaps.

Customer Reviews

In the online age, good word of mouth can come from a variety of sources. Online reviews display whether you are good to work with or show a red flag. It is therefore worth looking at the customer reviews on search results and even looking at the client testimonials on their website.

Online reviews such as Google and Yelp can be a minefield, as absolutely anyone can post a critique – even if they have not used the company and just hold a personal grudge against a worker or the owner. Testimonials are a true telling voice as they come from the client who is satisfied to give a glowing report on their services.

Amount of Staff

Whilst it does not take a huge staff to run a reputable company, you do need to know that there is cover available whenever their staff goes on holiday or takes sick time.

The last thing you want is for your regularly scheduled cleaning regime disrupted by a shortage of workers on their end. Having enough cover for these occurrences is not your problem, but theirs – so it pays to ensure that they have this situation in hand whenever it should occur. Consistency is key when working in partnership on your washroom cleaning Stockport.

Staff Retention

As well as enquiring about their staff cover, it is important to ask what their staff retention levels are like.

The main reason is needing to ensure your schedule has the same workers who come to understand the specific needs of the routine. If it is always new faces every other month it may be a case of missing essential areas out of inexperience, and may also mean that the company has a hard time keeping hold of employees – or laying them off for reasons you don’t know about.

Knowing they have a stable and trusted workforce that handles the contracts and will be available for your business needs is worth asking about.

These small questions reveal big answers, but they are important things to know about your cleaning company Stockport. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today – commercial cleaning specialists.