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Ignoring the Simple Things Costs You Money

There are a whole load of cleaning mistakes that happen every single day with a regular janitorial service within a building that houses your office. Whilst they may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of your business, they are a plague on your time, energy and company image – all of which cost you money in the long run.

If you are unsure about what those areas could be, let us illuminate you.

Cluttered Space

Nothing showcases a bad business image that relentless clutter around your employee’s workspaces. As the old saying goes, a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind – no matter how different employees’ working methods are.

This is also the leading cause of misplaced or lost items and general disorder starting to overtake your office. When seeing a clean and organised office every day, your staff have a clear mind and no distractions to maximise their workday. Ignoring this is a common mistake as many business owners just want to focus on the workload and not the overall image.

Having a cleaning company Stockport contractor keeping a regular official schedule for cleaning ensures that every day is a clear one.

Ignoring Spills and Hard-to-Access Areas

Not every employee will go to the task of cleaning up coffee spills or dusting around hard-to-reach areas. They deem it as not their problem even if it was their fault.

A small spill here and there may seem harmless but left unattended it can lead to long-term damage to floors, upholstery and more. Not exactly the best image to display to your most-valued clients. Those areas where it is out of sight and out of mind are typically the dirtiest areas of your office. This can accumulate bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens.

Professional office cleaning Manchester makes certain that every area and stain is tackled and thoroughly cleaned to ensure the rot does not begin to take effect.

Cutting Corners on Cleaning

There are many ways that businesses try and save money by cutting the odd corner – and they typically turn out for the worse.

If a company uses their mops, brushes and rags to clean with, ten to one they don’t replace them until way after they should be. These old items are nowhere near as effective as a fresh product, and they do more to help the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria that are harmful. Fresh cleaning equipment needs to be used with every cleaning. Think about how many times that dishcloth has been used in your office kitchen – and the fact that you don’t have a washing machine in the office tells you something else.

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How Often Should You Disinfect the Workplace?

It is safe to assume that following the global pandemic, you have both seen and been more aware of overall cleanliness. From sanitizing your hands to being more mindful of door handles and toilet seats. More concern from staff members about shared areas and items has risen since everyone came back to work, which begs the question of exactly how often should you be disinfecting an office. On top of that, what are the best practices to make sure everyone is safe from possible contaminated areas?

The Sources

What causes contamination within the workplace? Well, 3 main causes bring their share of contamination to workplace surfaces – people, animals and the environment.

We all understand how viruses can spread from person to person. Whenever the person touches so much as a door handle or light switch, they leave behind their germs for anyone else touching the surface to become infected. The environment can carry its fair share of germs through clothing, shoes and equipment that is brought in from outside.

In today’s business world, it is not unusual for animals to occupy the office – heck! Most offices have their mascot of sorts. These furry friends can also track any germs from outside themselves. Germs and viruses spread through contact with contaminated surfaces and even airborne particles.

How Often?

How often you disinfect your workplace relies on a few factors of consideration. The type of business you run plays into it. If you were a restaurant or somewhere that serves the public in large numbers every day, you will need to be cleaned a lot more than something like an office building.

You also have to consider the number of people occupying the workspace. If you have a revolving door of employees in and out all day, it will need it a lot more than an office with a few employees only.

The more active the area is, the more disinfecting an office is required. This can result in some areas requiring multiple cleans through a single day, with others only needing it once a week. Your cleaning schedule will require tailoring to how all of this factors in.

Best Practice

Your worktops and workstation require products that are effective against the types of viruses, bacteria and germs you are trying to control.

These products are typically a part of a cleaning company Stockport, a specialist contractor that uses every avenue of cleaning services to keep germs out of the way of your workforce.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming today for commercial cleaning Manchester certain to keep viruses out of arms reach.

Flu-Proofing your Workplace

In all work environments, maintaining high levels of cleanliness is vital to keeping everything running smoothly. This is especially important during the cooling months leading to winter – known as the cold and flu season.

When it comes to your office environment, it usually only takes one person feeling iffy to begin the process of spreading microbes from person to person. One person’s flu suddenly becomes the office’s flu. Then your seasonal workload starts to suffer as your staff take time off to recuperate.

With productivity suffering as a result, there are steps to take to make sure that flu does not completely ransack your office with the changing season.

Let Your Sick Employees Hybrid Work if Possible

The best way to decrease productivity is by employing measures that became fully realised during the global pandemic – the working-from-home model.

This makes sure that the employee’s illness is contained within their homes and not a threat to your vital working spaces. Whilst these employees are recuperating at home, they can still handle their workload from their own space. Not having these sick employees able to infect other employees in tight working spaces is the best way to solve a problem before it starts.


A lot of the time an employee has been in the workplace before becoming fully sick. This means that some gestating germs may be present in their workspace and communal areas.

Disinfecting the shared areas daily is a simple way to start, with wiping down door handles, machinery and the kitchen being the prime areas. Naturally, most full-time staff members are never happy to undertake these tasks when they are employed to work on the company’s bottom line. No one likes being approached and they especially don’t like reminder notes that it is their turn to do a clean-up when it is evenly tasked out.

Hire Professional Cleaners

This leads to hiring a cleaning company Stockport to help prevent the spread of flu, keep your office clean and hygienic and not disrupt the workforce from their task for the company.

In truth, when it comes to cleaning the workplace, no one will do it better than a professional commercial cleaning Manchester company. This team cleans areas that get overlooked every day and minimises the risk of a single staff member starting an entire office epidemic of flu. Either at the end of every shift or over a weekend, a cleaning company can use every type of specialist cleaning chemical to make sure your premises are fully protected from germs, bacteria and microbes.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for office cleaning Manchester that won’t make you suffer from the seasonal flu.

Saving Money With Office Cleaning

When you hire a cleaning company Stockport to ensure a clean and tidy workplace, you may not realise that there are several financial benefits that you automatically gain.

A reputable company comes with a plethora of experience that greatly benefits your company image, but helping your bottom line is a great helping hand where companies need it most.

Fewer Distractions and Accidents

Nobody likes anything that takes their attention away from their focus on their work. When you see dirty spaces within an office they usually come with a build-up of clutter. These are not conducive to the productivity of the workplace.

It is distracting for anyone and having a cleaning company dedicated to keeping the spaces clean and tidy means that your employees are entirely focused on their environment and boosting your bottom line. Having floors free from grease and kitchen areas not caked in dirt also ensures that your employee safety is highlighted and makes your staff feel more compelled to clean up after themselves.

Impress Your Potentials

The most important part of company growth is attracting new clients to your business, and your business premises plays a huge part in that onboarding.

The clients that visit your workplace will take the surroundings into consideration of having you as a partner to do business with. No one wants a partner who cannot take care of themselves, but having premises that are sparkling clean and clutter-free makes for the best possible impression.

Taking care of yourself means that you will also take care of their business – and that is what they want to see. Having the cleanest environment, therefore, helps your business bottom line by bringing in more comfortable clients.

Keeping Relationships Healthy

When it is not your staff or new and existing clients, the relationship with whoever you are renting your working space from is going to be one of the strongest impressions to keep strong.

Having regular cleaning of your office windows and washrooms ensures that those you rent from will not take issue with how you are treating their owned premises, which means that relationships, when leases are up, are easy to enter into a new agreement with no qualms.

Plus it also helps your reputation by having office premises that do not change every year, showcasing that you are a long-standing and stable business.

For a clean and tidy workplace, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for office cleaning Manchester that boosts every area of your business image.

Why Would I Need Office Window Cleaners When it is Raining?

As we begin to depart the English summertime and head into the Autumn season, no doubt you will look outside your office window and see rain by the bucket load. The common phrase this time is “Oh well, keeps the windows clean, I guess.”

Wrong Thinking

It is here where the money-conscious business owner may think they can spare the expense of the regular window cleaning aspect of their commercial cleaning Manchester contract. Besides, what office window cleaner would work in such conditions anyway, right?

Wrong! Window cleaners in Stockport are no strangers to adverse weather conditions. If they were not, what use would there be for window cleaning services in the northwest? These professionals work through most weather conditions and are no strangers to unpredictable weather patterns,

What you have to consider is that rain does not clean your windows – it just hits against the existing dirt that is on them. This leaves streaks and smudges that can make your windows look worse – especially if the next day brings sunshine.


Windows are designed to use rainwater and natural sunlight to remove dirt and debris that builds up, but other factors affecting your windows include pollen, bacteria and bird droppings that require specialist cleaning to fully eradicate – not trickle around with scattered showers.

Relying on simple rainfall to eliminate these areas is ineffectual. It will just seem like the window is clean to some degree but will make the dirt look worse in reality.

When the windows are free from any external dirt following a professional cleaning, the rainfall will provide a much cleaner presence on your window, leaving no streaks or outlines. If you avoid having your windows cleaned in wet weather conditions, water stains can build up in the long term and take even more effort to remove.

It is important that your window cleaning is kept in regular cycles so that your windows can be preserved and you reap the maximum benefits and access to daylight that your staff requires.


A few droplets of rain on the horizon or a week weather view forecasting nothing but heavy rainfall is nothing to cancel your office window cleaner over. There is only one true way to keep the glass looking sparklingly clear and that is with the help of window cleaners in Stockport who do not fear the weather, no matter its condition.

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What Does a Deep Clean Mean?

Whilst many businesses settle for simple regular cleaning of their desktops & office space and believe this is enough, the option of a quarterly deep cleaning service is almost always offering a surprise to business owners who don’t know the ins and outs of it.

A regular clean keeps the premises looking sparkling, but deep cleaning gets under that surface to ensure that longer, gestating problems are not going to begin to play havoc with your workplace.

Starting Out With A Deep Cleaning Service

Ideally, when undertaking a new cleaning contract – the deep clean will be the first thing the cleaning contractor will undertake. Starting off this way makes deep cleaning something that is not a monthly operation and things will begin under control.

Instead, they can be conducted at certain intervals and ensure that those areas that don’t get a lot of attention are always under a competent cleaning routine. Once every 4 to 6 months is a regular type of deep clean schedule, although it can vary depending on how many people are occupying that space throughout that timeframe.

Positive Steps

First things first – it is a pretty big undertaking and requires the office space to be empty. As all of your furniture will be moved around to access small areas, no workforce will be able to competently do their job during this process.

However, there are ways for the staff to make themselves useful before the cleaning commences. They can clear out their desks of clutter and remove all items occupying the floor such as bags and folders and make sure they are put where they should be. This helps them to get rid of any built-up junk and paper around their desk ready for a fresh start.

They can also move their furniture into a more central spot in the office so that the cleaners can access the walls and the little corners that get overlooked on most occasions.

Giving a helping hand before the deep clean is undertaken can be something as simple as cleaning the office dishes and disposing of built-up cardboard boxes that can be put into a skip outside, or at least flat-packed ready to be disposed of.

You don’t want to display laziness to your cleaning contractor by leaving stains and spills unattended within the kitchen space, especially when it comes to washroom cleaning Stockport. A little consideration of cleaning away your messes and not leaving it to the cleaning company helps to make a positive relationship.


Once these areas are taken care of, the cleaning company Stockport can get to work on deep cleaning to create the very best environment for your staff and visitors. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for deep cleaning services.

The Dirtiest Office Areas

Would you be surprised to know that you may be reading this in a dirty office right now, maybe even eating as you do it?

Your office’s dirtiest area is your desk, which can carry up to 400 times more germs than the average office toilet seat. After reading that, no doubt you are starting to feel uncomfortable in your surroundings.

Most microbes are concentrated around your desk phone, with the desktop becoming a breeding ground for harmful germs and bugs that can make you unwell fast if not cleaned regularly and properly.

Having your desk and phone cleaned professionally along with every other surface within your work environment is extremely important – and equally important is to not do it with a cheap, quick job unprofessionally.

Away From the Desk

No doubt you have already had second thoughts about eating at your desk until you know it’s thoroughly cleaned, but when we move around your offices you can be spreading those germs around with everything you touch.

Hygiene plays a big part in how an office is managed successfully and people are more conscious of germs being passed around the office. Even a dust-induced sneeze can cause everyone in the office to become adverse to working around them.

Many people also come and go to a big office, whether it is for a meeting or to deliver something. Not everyone can be counted on to have washed their hands before or after contact with lift buttons or door handles.

Some of these people could have a cold or worse, and those micro germs certainly spread fast around touch areas. Professional office cleaning Manchester takes these pivotal areas into high consideration when conducting a routine clean.


Another huge dirty office area is the kitchen, with the kitchen sink being the biggest offender in this area.

Taps are exposed to everything on your hands that you look to wash off, as you have to turn them on whilst your hands are still dirty – but not many washes down the taps after turning them off. You would be hard-pressed to find any employee who has ever done that at all.

The bottom of the sink congregates all of the gunk, leftover food and germs and bacteria associated with them which soon becomes a health and safety problem. This requires a heavier dose of cleaning regularly to ensure that the area where food is stored is not shared with a hive of bacteria.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for full commercial cleaning Manchester, including washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport and be sure that your office is safe from dirt, germs and bacteria.

Areas Missed During a Basic Office Clean

“How hard is it to keep an office clean?”

It is a statement that every boss has to administer to his office workforce every once and a while, typically born out of frustration with the state of the area in question.

Whilst a simple office clean-up can restore a simple cleaned-up look, there are plenty of things figuratively brushed under the carpet – maybe even literally in some cases. Just because it is out of sight does not mean they are out of mind. There are plenty of overlooked spots that, if you chose to go and inspect right now, would probably have a nasty surprise or two tucked away.

Office Equipment

Office equipment such as printers and copy machines may not get used every day – and that could be a telling sign of dust buildup when they are not. Underneath these machines will be harbouring enough particles to set off allergies in an entire office, and it is a good bet they have not been moved by employees to quickly clean up.

Your kitchen microwave is also an area that will have its buildup of dust behind and under – as well as pieces of food and crumbs accumulated underneath. When food is left uncleaned it begins to build up disgusting bacteria – this is an item that needs cleaning more and more often.

Walls and Screens

You would be surprised that dust, dirt and grime do not just get under and around the items in your office – they stick to your vertical surfaces also.

If you have textured or wallpapered office walls, you will need to keep them wiped down to get the layer of built-up dust off of your walls. This extends to around any picture frames or window sills which have their build-up.

Inspect the glass of your office artwork and you may even find fingerprints that need to be wiped off, as people’s fingerprints get everywhere – even if they make no sense to be there. All frames around the office need to be kept dust free regularly.


Light switches, plug sockets and ceiling fan blades all will have a larger build-up of dust due to being an afterthought to most. To be honest, when was the last time you saw an employee taking a wipe to a light switch?

If these areas go unnoticed for too long, soon enough the signs begin to show as they look grimy, dusty and unappealing to anyone.

It can be a headache for a regular employee to remember all of these places every week, which is why every office must have a contract in place for office cleaning Manchester.

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How Office Cleaners Protect You From Germs

Have you given enough thought to where all of your office-based germs hide and how they would be removed? Regular cleaning in certain spots does everything possible to remove dirt, stains and other messes – but the removal of illness-causing pathogens is where the true benefit lies in having a regular cleaning service.


Dust accumulates daily and is visible to the naked eye – as well as to those suffering from allergies.

As the leading cause of air pollution, dust not only causes those allergic reactions but also exacerbates asthma and impacts the respiratory systems. It also impacts your overall productivity within the workplace. When a potential client visits your workplace and sees dust everywhere, it does not set the right impression that your business is one of care.

After all, if a business cannot take care of itself, it is highly unlikely to be taking care of its clients.

Surface Cleandown

When we think of germ removal, we all picture the constant wiping down of surfaces with disinfectant and antiseptic wipes or cleaning sprays.

An office cleaning Manchester company goes even further by using compliant chemicals and cleaning products that ensure all surfaces are fully disinfected and safe. This includes high-reach areas that can typically get ignored by a regular clean-up operation by your staff.

It is especially important in today’s world that all of your high-touch areas such as light switches and door handles get a thorough clean to eliminate contaminative germs that employees can carry from outside.

Carpet Attention

Your office floor sees more daily foot traffic than you care to realise. The people that come into your office are not just the employees, but also delivery people, clients, prospects and other business owners – each carrying their amount of germs on their footwear.

When you think about your carpet, you may not realise all of the dirt, hair, dead skin, insects and germs that harvest over a day. It is not a pleasant thought and – if not attended to – not a pleasant odour after a while.

All of these built-up carpet contaminants contribute to polluting the air also, and regular vacuuming with a commercial cleaning Manchester-based company becomes crucial in removing all of the unwanted items tracked into your carpet.

These are just a few of the regular cleaning service on offer from Absolutely Gleaming Services, ensuring that your business is not just visibly clean, but all of the silent germs are kept at bay as well. Contact our team today for full services in office cleaning Manchester.

How Long Does it Take to Clean a Commercial Office Space?

No matter if it is a move to a new office environment or assessing your current work office requirements, the wonder of how long it will take to clean the entire area will always be one of those questions that need asking.

It is okay to not know how long it takes to make the place fresh and clean – that is not your main concern when renting or purchasing an office space. You need to concentrate on the business growth, not the dusting and vacuuming. This is where you need an outsourced cleaning company Stockport.

What Needs to Be Done?

The best place to start in trying to figure out how long it will take to clean your office space is figuring out what your requirements are.

This helps in determining the type of contract you want with a company specialising in office cleaning Manchester. Deciding on whether the environment needs cleaning daily, weekly or fortnightly is something that has to have a little thought into it, especially when it comes to the kitchen areas with their bios and fridges.

Other things you need to consider in the post-pandemic era is how often you want items like door handles and railings cleaned, as well as light switches and other shared areas of your office that see a lot of contact from different people. Touch points are an area that sees a lot of germs building up without them being cleaned regularly.

Industry Standard

Your cleaning company considers the industry standard for cleaning your office space to be conducted 3-5 days a week, especially if it is a busy workspace that has a lot of build-up of rubbish and a large number of employees.

How many people work within the space plays a larger factor in how often it needs to be cleaned, as foot traffic on your carpet will require a more in-depth deep clean – especially if they come with muddy footprints or trodden in water that will start to create a smell in quick order without attention to it.

Having a regular office clean contract prevents a build-up of dust, germs and debris within the office which can cause illness to staff – especially those with allergies. A cleaning company Stockport will also factor in washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport – areas that regular employees will not want to touch in any capacity.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a commercial cleaning Manchester contracted suited to your office needs.