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Call Centres at The Cleaning Forefront

When you look at every kind of business that utilises office space to maximum capacity, the work of call centres is one of the biggest clients that require regular office cleaning Manchester. The reasons for call centre cleaning is pretty simple – they have the most people occupying the space, sometimes crammed desk to desk and that means a lot of requirements for keeping individual areas clean.

Call centres are not just telemarketing businesses, tech helpdesks and customer service lines – they can also be first responders and emergency call centres. All of these people have to man phones and take record numbers of calls a day or make them – and that means their surroundings are vital to the job.

Timing is Everything

The one thing that is always of consideration for call centres is that they can work around the clock, clocking in as many as three separate shifts a day. A day shift, evening shift and what is known as the graveyard shift (through the night until the morning) means that not only do they require their workspaces to be cleaned almost every day, but more than one individual will occupy the space at any one time without much break in between.

The need to fully cleanse the keyboards, handsets and seats between each staff shift can be hard, and finding the right time for cleaning can be harder with so many shifts happening throughout the week.

The best way to fully cleanse the office space is to conduct a clean over the weekend when everyone stops working.

Weekend Cleaning

Special contracts with a commercial cleaning Manchester company can ensure that no disruption to the staff during their busy target hitting week occurs by doing the work on a Saturday or Sunday, preparing the office for the week ahead.

This would include full deep carpet cleansing to eliminate the germs and bacteria forming from the amount of foot traffic every week. In some call centre scenarios that work in patterns of 3 shifts a day, there can be upwards of 90 staff members using all of the facilities, including the kitchens and the toilets.

With all of these people requiring the washroom at least once a day, that is a lot of people to clean up after and requires specialist washroom cleaning to fully disinfect the area for the week ahead. This also means that bins will get more full over the week and will need emptying on a more daily basis.

Desk Items

Typically, for offices that run three shifts, there will be three staff members manning 1 desk throughout the day. With considerations around the post-pandemic period, this means that each desk requires a lot of attention to cleanliness.

Office cleaning contracts ensure that over the weekend a lot of attention goes into fully cleansing the desk and disinfecting all of the equipment on and around it. There is nothing worse than coming in on a Monday morning to discover the last person occupying your desk on Friday night left it a mess.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for call centre cleaning and office cleaning Manchester.

Church Cleaning

One place that people may not consider for a deep thorough cleaning by a professional cleaning company Stockport is churches, and many throughout the UK need divine intervention in tackling germs and bacteria. Church cleaning services are extremely important as hundreds of churchgoers may sing, pray and breathe the air within these spaces, the communal areas within the church also require cleaning to cast out the germs and protect the safety of all congregation members.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is the most efficient path to cleanliness, and has many benefits.

Atmospheric Beauty

Churchs are grand in design and many are listed properties – which means they require special care to keep them as intended.

When you hire a commercial cleaning Manchester firm, the first thing you will notice is that the building has a cleaner, healthier environment in general. People who come to church like to be in a place that is a safe atmosphere – and nothing is friendlier than a clean smell and sparkling look.

The professional image of your church will also be enhanced with a hired cleaning service. By having the large windows cleaned, the carpets fresh and vibrant and the seating free from dust, your church’s value is increased in the eyes of the congregation and you don’t look in a state of needed urgent repair and replacement.

Make Your Schedule

A church is open for all kinds of events and you will sometimes have to have an adaptive cleaning schedule. Many for-hire services will want to stick to a routine, but with office cleaning Manchester services you can control the cleaning schedule with a service that works for your availability.

You not only have control over how often the cleaners visit your church but also over a specific checklist of precisely what is to be cleaned on every visit – whether it is a light dusting to a full deep clean.

Using this service, you can tailor your cleaning provisions to suit whatever requirements are in play.

Planning Help

Many occasions take place within a church from weddings to baptism to that regular Sunday service. To better prepare for each occasion, cleaning services are the best way to get things in order.

No matter if it is a baptism or Sunday service, the place can look spotless and ready for its big day, showcasing its cleanliness in photographs and being recommended as a beautiful venue to friends and family members.

If you run a church and require church cleaning services, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Different Types of Cleaning Services

If you are planning on hiring an outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester company, you should understand the different types of cleaning services – standard cleaning and deep cleaning.

There are different types of cleaning required and they are not exactly alike. A professional cleaning company Stockport helps you to understand both kinds of maintenance by providing you with a detailed outline of how they work and the level of cleaning they provide.

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning within the workplace consists of simple cleaning tasks that can be completed weekly. These services are generally cheaper than a more thorough cleaning, and consists of vacuuming and cleaning around surfaces and washrooms.

Scheduling of this activity can be once or twice a week to at the end of every day, depending on the needs and how many people occupy the environment daily. As an example, a school may need a regular daily cleaner due to the number of people occupying the space throughout the week, or it can be done over a weekend when no students or staff are in attendance.

Depending on the timeframe and schedule, standard cleaning and deep cleaning have very similar levels of cleaning, with deep being a more detailed and extreme level. Standard cleaning focuses more on surface wipe downs – including lighting fixtures, window cleaning and appliances. This also includes washroom cleaning and the removal of any bacteria from moisture build-up.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning applies a more attentive level of cleaning for the business, where a more extensive list of required cleaning for commercial properties is required for the safety of the public, the workforce or pupils.

During a deep clean, everything will tend to be wiped over multiple times and everything that can be touched or grabbed – such as door handles and light switches – is thoroughly sanitized. Whilst this is a more costly contract to have, the attention to detail is much more focused on providing a truly clean work atmosphere.

Deep cleans are usually a set-up for a new season, with businesses instigating a deep clean once every 4 months. Some companies go for a deep clean every 6 months, or if they are preparing for a large business meeting or selling their company or premises. This includes cleaning high up places where a build-up of dust and dirt can hang down from not being able to reach on a regular clean.

The best way to determine which cleaning contract is best for your business is to discuss the different types of cleaning services and your immediate needs with a professional office cleaning Manchester company. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Preparing for a Sense of Normality

No matter what kind of industry you operate within, we have all had to embrace new ways of operating and take hygiene more seriously than ever. We have possibly spent more time informing our customers of how the pandemic has affected our business than telling them why offices looking for a cleaning company should choose us.

Now, with vaccines and a roadmap to getting back to normal hanging in the air, we now look at what it takes to get back to working how we used to. That means that we can get the shops and stores open that have not been able to operate as they once did.

As we re-launch our businesses to the public and full staff, here are some helpful tips in order to ensure a safe reopen.

Ensure Social Distancing Measures

As lockdown ends we still understand that social distancing will be around for a longer-term.

With the reopening of your workplace, you need to take precautions that guidelines are still enforced because people will always find an excuse to break them or not take adequate precautions. Clearly signposting that the actions are to be adhered to is one thing to undertake, but also layering down markers on workflow areas so people don’t find themselves clashing during working.

Sometimes you just have to spell things out for people.

Ensure Everyday Cleaning Is a Priority

Your staff and guests need to see for themselves that they are in a safe environment where extra measures have been taken to provide a clean atmosphere.

In hiring a cleaning company in Manchester you need to be sure that they are professional and cover the full extent of office cleaning in  Manchester. There is a multitude of extra cleaning areas that may not spring to mind when getting your workplace compliant with new post-covid guidelines, and a full cleaning and disinfecting of your office or building is now a regular necessity.

Make sure that the company takes on washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport in order to have everything undertaken by just one company.

Ensure Safe Face to Face with Customers

If your business has not been open during a majority of the lockdown and this is your first time allowing clients and customers to meet in the venue, it is imperative that you undertake two options.

One is to make sure that glass partitions separate you for the time being and that everyone wears a mask. Providing a hand sanitiser station at the front of the property also provides a clear message that yours is a company that operates under caution and customer care.

Be sure to email all your clients when reopening to make them aware of the safety measures that are in place upon your business reopening and express why your business needs them to undertake them in order to continue a safe work environment.

For the best in commercial cleaning in Manchester, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services in preparation for your business getting back up and running by helping offices looking for a cleaning company.

Providing Workplace Ease Through Thorough Cleansing

Understandably, there is much hesitation from employees about returning to their place of work and wanting to work from home if at all possible which is why you may have begun the search for the best cleaning company in Manchester before thinking about allowing employees back into the office.

The threat of contaminated surfaces and spoiled air particles posing serious health problems, especially to those highly vulnerable, is enough of a reason to keep staff weary of their work environment. This is believed to be a trend that will continue even after the virus will ease and some normality will return with many cautious to want to return.

As an employer, you will want to help provide steps to ensure the safeguarding of your employees and make them feel comfortable to come back and be a part of the team. Chief among those steps is your approach to cleaning routines for your workplace.

Office Hygiene

Office areas require regular cleans in order to consistently maintain acceptable hygiene and keep germs away.

Most businesses utilise a company that specialises in office cleaning in Manchester in order to effectively clean every area, from entrances to workstations to all equipment around the office. Millions of bacteria are known to exist on office desks from keyboards to phones, so using a simple wet wipe around a desk is understandably not enough. This is not an area that you should be dedicating your time to, so hiring a cleaning company in Stockport may be a recommended course of action for health and safety concerns in the workplace.

Areas That Need Action

As an employer, your duty is to the safety and security of your staff during work hours, and this goes double towards your clients and visitors.

Without understanding the areas that need action to ensure a clean workplace, it could be an extremely fine line between having a serious health violation which can be costly to your staff and your business.

We expect a cleaning company to vacuum floors throughout your business, but the other areas that they cover include mopping of floors, all windows, mirrors and walls being wiped down and bins being emptied and they are just the core areas.

Around each desk are many areas that are given attention to, such as sanitizing and disinfection of all desks, tables, chairs, keyboards, mice, touch screens, monitors and that’s before they reach the door handles, light switches, handrails etc. Already you start to see the amount of attention your workplace needs.

Most businesses have a kitchen area which needs extra attention to sinks, fridges and microwaves among other areas. Then there is the mecca of germ infestation; the bathroom. This area requires the utmost attention including emptying and disposing of sanitary bins and all areas that are touched by a single employee.

Understandably your employees may have a lot of concerns about returning to a workplace and leaving the safety of their homes, so providing the assurance of an outsourced commercial cleaning in Manchester company, you provide a larger piece of mind to help them return back to the office.

Contact Absolutely Gleaming Services today if you need the best cleaning company in Manchester.

Washrooms Require More Thorough Cleaning

No room in your warehouse, office or showroom requires more attention than the washroom, which requires deeper cleaning than any other section of your business and requires a washroom cleaning checklist.

They are also the hardest to clean properly and require a professional cleaning company Stockport in order to keep a healthy atmosphere. Businesses that lax with their cleaning of bathrooms and toilets are quickly noticeable by odours and dust build-up. This becomes the breeding ground for many different germs and affects your company profile with employees and, more importantly, clients and customers.

Regular Cleans

The urgent need to keep your washrooms clean should be evident in the evaluation of how many employees or customers use them.

If it is just yourself, it may not seem as much as a necessity. However, if your washroom is frequently used then it will build up germs a lot quicker. Also if your washroom is a bigger size then it requires more regular cleaning on a daily schedule. Those using it other than yourself are not necessarily thinking of cleaning the room after use as much as you may be.

By looking into how many people utilise the room throughout a day you have an idea of how regularly it needs cleaning.

Proper Chemical Cleaning

By using a professional washroom cleaning company, you are certain that the chemicals used to clean the washroom are of a proper standard.

Every washroom is different and requires specific products for its needs. Washrooms do require formulated chemicals for each job that are proven to work in areas that require the extra cleaning strength. Parts of the washroom require cleaning products with especially concentrated antibacterial ingredients to ensure that basins, toilets and flooring around urinals are fully germ-free and hygienic.

Some bleaches and chemicals have strong smells that can affect those staff with allergies or sensitive sinuses. With a professional cleaner, the products that are used will be tailored to suit businesses leaving no strong bleach odours throughout the building.

Extra Considerations

Bathroom and washroom care in business premises are more than just basin and floor care.

For businesses with separate facilities for sexes, extra care must be taken for sanitary bins which need to be emptied every day. Also, those premises with baby changing facilities also require extra cleaning to ensure it is germ-free, emptied of waste and leaving no risk of chemicals that can be harmful to infant children.

You also need to ensure that adequate amounts of hand sanitiser and drying facilities are always stocked up to keep with today’s required standard for health and safety.

For additional information on professional washroom cleaning, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to make sure you’ve ticked everything off your washroom cleaning checklist.

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Office Hygiene Etiquette: how to Wash your Hands

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Keep Your Office Bins Clean and Tidy

No matter the time of year, keeping your office bins clean and tidy is crucial for the health and wellbeing of your staff. If you want a healthy, motivated workforce, read on to learn how to keep your office bins in top condition!

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