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How Clean Is Your Mobile?

It’s a subject we’ve covered in the past, but one we feel bears revisiting…repeatedly. These days, smartphones and tablet PCs are less accessories, more the added limbs we can’t live without. Or for that matter, be without for more than a few minutes. Even at work, we’re surgically attached to our devices in a manner that would make you think we’d all take a little better care of them.… [read more]

Essential Workplace Health and Safety Tips for Winter

It’s never acceptable to turn a blind eye to health and safety in the workplace. Nevertheless, the winter months call for even more diligence and awareness than other times of year, given the way in which the likelihood of slips and falls grows as the weather deteriorates.… [read more]

Gym Hygiene – The Five Least Hygienic Places in the Average Gym

If you are lucky enough to have a gym attached to or nearby your workplace, consider yourself one of the fortunate ones! Being able to access comprehensive workout facilities without having to make additional journeys can be extremely motivating and convenient to say the least. On the downside, the workplace gym also has the potential to be one of the most germ-ridden environments on Earth.… [read more]

Bathroom Cleaning Can Save Your Business

If you own or operate a business that regularly welcomes clients, customers or guests of any kind, there’s quite a lot you need to keep an eye on. From the service you offer to the conduct of your employees and right down to the quality of your products, impressing without exception can be a tricky act to pull off.… [read more]

11 Eye-Opening Statistics on Office Paper Wastage

If you’ve ever wondered just how wasteful the average UK office is, the answer is…well, very! These days, each and every one of us knows that we could and should be doing quite a lot more to cut down waste. The only problem being that the vast majority of us are guilty of making little to no real effort to do so. Our lives and professional obligations get in the way, meaning that the quite spectacular culture of workplace waste we all live in continues.… [read more]

Bathroom Bacteria Mythbusting – Time For a Rethink?

Shared bathrooms around the office will never be the kinds of places most people relish visiting. Even if they are kept in the best possible condition, it still doesn’t bear thinking about what others have been doing in there prior to your arrival.… [read more]

Essential Cleaning Chemical Health and Safety Tips

Staying safe when carrying out essential clean duties is largely a matter of simple common sense. Unfortunately, it takes only the slightest lapse in judgment to trigger the kind of accident or incident with potentially devastating consequences.… [read more]

Office Kitchen Cleaning Tips

If it’s true to say that the communal kitchen in your work place tends to be a subject of abject chaos and controversy…well, let’s just say you are far from in the minority! In fact, it is pretty much standard to find that shared workplace kitchens are not only the source of a great many disputes, but spend quite a lot of time in the kind of condition that is anything but inspiring.… [read more]