Washroom Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies

washroom-cleaningDaily washroom cleaning and the effective removal of surface dirt and grime is an essential part of providing and maintaining a clean and tidy washroom environment. However, to prevent the build-up of hidden embedded germs and bacteria a specialist deep washroom cleaning service is required to fully ensure you are providing a hygienic washroom environment for your visitors.

AGS’ specialist deep washroom cleaning service thoroughly cleans and sanitises all sanitary ware with specialist cleaning chemicals, ensuring all dirt and grime that harbours bacteria is removed.

From our inception in 2003, Washroom Service has been at the heart of our business. We are here to ensure that you are fully compliant with current legislation. With our simple, no-fuss agreements and efficient service, dozens of local businesses trust AGS with their washroom and janitorial supply needs.

High quality washroom cleaning in Stockport

Absolutely Gleaming Services is a respected regional cleaning organisation, providing the highest quality washroom cleaning products and flexible service to customers large and small across region. AGS is constantly working to ensure that its products and service are the best, and is committed to providing the very best washroom and janitorial supply services to its clients.

It is AGS’ stated aim to give its clients the confidence in having a perfectly maintained washroom. That’s why AGS uses the latest washroom cleaning products and services to ensure that it always stays ahead of the game. AGS has always been at the forefront of new technology.

We are one of the few cleaning companies to use the Freshclean solution – an innovative cleaning system proven to deliver dramatic improvements to the efficiency of the washroom cleaning, saving time and reducing the cost to the customer.

Why use AGS’s washroom cleaning and janitorial supply services?

  • No stock piling of products:

AGS technicians carry a complete inventory of items to maintain your soap dispensing units, air fresheners, toilet paper dispensers, and hand towel dispensers.

  • More space and less financial outlay:

Let AGS store and control your products.

  • Increased Productivity:

Release your staff to complete more pressing and important jobs in your organisation.

  • Fixed Costs:

You will know exactly what your monthly and annual budget will be. The AGS service is a comprehensive package with no hidden costs.

  • Added Safety:

Your customers, clients and staff are guaranteed added safety – all germs that are commonly found in toilet and washroom facilities are destroyed by sterilisation, resulting in a safer environment for all.

For more information on AGS’s washroom cleaning and janitorial supplies service, call 0161 491 4477.